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  1. Folks, I have a line on a totaled 2015 Sierra with the headlights intact. I'm thinking about buying the lights and doing some experimentation. Any idea what would be a fair offer for both? Thanks in advance, Rick
  2. Phil, Any special trick getting the diode to stay in contact? The leads on my diodes seem much thinner than the ones in your pic (1N4004). Perhaps I have the wrong ones? Thanks, Rick
  3. This ^^^ My module acted the same way. I fixed it by: 1. Updating date/time on the radio 2. Uninstalling AA on my Galaxy S8 3. Reinstalling AA fresh on the S8 4. Connecting in the truck I've heard that cabling can also cause this, you may need to get a newer USB cable. Good luck! Rick
  4. New to me as of Labor Day - 2015 Sierra All Terrain with 30k miles.
  5. Thanks. I thought it was a great deal as well. New units were at the $750 number from DDS. Reman at $550 (I got an extra $10 for calling in the order). Units look like new. Only difference I could tell is that I only get 90 days on the reman units. Great people to deal with. Suggest you call them directly, as they may not always have these in stock.
  6. Nope. No NAV on mine, so this was an outright purchase. Which is really nice, in the event anything goes haywire with the new unit.
  7. Folks, Just wanted to let you know that I was able to locate a remanufactured radio/HMI set from Digital Dash Solutions on eBay for $540 for my Sierra 1500 (Bose, no factory nav). Parts arrived yesterday, I installed it over my lunch hour today. Outside of a Android communication error 8 (resolved by reloading AA on my phone), the install was straightforward and the tech support from DDS was outstanding. I realize it ain't the cheapest option, but outside of my time reading this forum and checking pricing, I've got a whole 30 minutes into this. Can't say enough about them if you're looking for a one-stop shop. Rick
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