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  1. WAMS newest development vehicle ;)

    This and longer remote start times would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Center Console Trim Replacement Options

    So, is there a part # for these?
  3. OK , so I contacted autowoods from my ebay acct that I bought my wheel from and this was his response to using the 2500 steering wheel:
  4. Sorry, I thought you wanted the Cocoa one. Read this/his add. He also has black ones listed. The 1500 wheel has been gone for a while. This is the same one that I bought. It is for the 2500 so all you have to do is take the weight out of your steering wheel and install it in the 2500 wheel. It is held in with 4 yellow rubber isolators. Push them from the back and they pop out. Position it in the new wheel and I used a ratchet extension in the center of each to get them to pop in the 2500 wheel. http://www.ebay.com/itm/84222916-Chevy-Silverado-2015-2016-2017-HEATED-LEATHER-STEERING-WHEEL-Black-NEW-/302777147629?hash=item467eeca0ed
  5. Look on Ebay, The guy I bought mine from was autowoods. Here he has a cocoa brown one.If this isn't the correct one send him an email. He is a pretty nice guy and shipped it quickly. :https://www.ebay.com/itm/84053918-Chevy-Silverado-1500-HEATED-LEATHER-STEERING-WHEEL-Cocoa-Brown-2014-17/183588998810?hash=item2abec1ce9a:g:UR4AAOSw4m9cFmGg:rk:4:pf:0
  6. Off road carbon trim?

    Unfortunately, no. Two doors were mangled and the other two were gone.
  7. Off road carbon trim?

    I just picked this up at my local salvage yard. It is off-road carbon trim $50 plus UPS Chg.
  8. Off road carbon trim?

    My 16 Silverado has the "Off Road Carbon" in it!
  9. Price is at the top ... $300 plus cost of shipping
  10. Fog light mod

    Any luck with this yet? I did my 16 Silverado and wanted to do my wifes Acadia Denalli?
  11. Heated Steering Wheel

    @Loco-diablo I ordered the steering wheel on ebay from autowoods steering wheels and if you look at my pics. The first one is the clockspring that I ordered at the dealer. But it also depends if you have crash assist!
  12. Heated Steering Wheel

    @SierraHD17, I would like to upgrade my stereo to Bose !
  13. Heated Steering Wheel

    I have the adjustable pedals so the power was there!
  14. 2018 Silverado 1500 4x4

    Looks almost Identical to my 2016!

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