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  1. #7 Cylinder Misfire

    Ok I got my truck back today the afm lifter on #7 came apart and ended up bending a rod. They replaced the rod, afm lifter this is the third one in less than 100 miles and they replaced the vlom. It seams to be running great right now and I put a range device in so hopefully I won't have anymore problems.
  2. #7 Cylinder Misfire

    I too have 2015 Silverado. I just got my truck back from dealer had a collapsed lifter #7 at 65k. It ran great for two days tell I hit the passing gear it started popping and went back into dealer and I took the Mechanic for a ride and #7 failed again also thinks the vlom is bad so I'm in a loaner for a while I'll post more info as I get it.

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