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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2016-2017-2018-GMC-Sierra-Crew-Cab-KATZKIN-Black-Leather-Seats-Replacement-Kit/163712660832?epid=1265141360&hash=item261e08f560:g:DuQAAOxy-sRSVqj "These leather interior packages are sold in a combination of leather and matching vinyl. "
  2. Do you really think real leather seat covers are only $550? That's vinyl all day every day
  3. Part #: 110036-120036 Used for 1 year, 8000 miles. In perfect shape. $50 shipped.
  4. RECON 264239RD RED RIBER OPTIC LED TAIL LIGHTS FOR SALE. Perfect Condition! Used for about 6 weeks. There’s nothing wrong with the lights, I just preferred the look of stock lights Asking $300. Free shipping!
  5. Taken off my 2017 Denali HD. Looking for $150 +$10 shipping.
  6. I have a set of 4 Fox shocks for a leveled 2500. Front: 985-24-189 (1.5-3.5” lift) Rear: 980-24-664 (0-1” lift) These have never been installed, are still in plastic and come with all hardware. Each shock new is $160. I’ll sell the set for $500 shipped.
  7. Yeah, except that tire is too tall for my liking. What about your thoughts on the 305/45's Ridge Grapplers being 4 ply B load tires as opposed to our factory E's? Is 50 psi too small? Is that not a safe alternative?
  8. So do you think the smaller -18 offset and a 2" level of the front will clear?
  9. I like the width of the 33's if they fit. So on -24 offset you had to trim the valence? or the actual metal bumper? If that's the case, I would think the 2" lift would clear??
  10. Hi, I’m hoping that someone could help me. I am upgrading my 2017Denali HD 20” wheels to 22’s and I’m wondering what size tire to go with. There are a few issues I guess I run into by doing such. The first is load rating. I guess there’s only a few tires that meet the factory load rating so I would be losing some towing capabilities which I’m fine with as the truck is a mall crawler, but I want to be safe. The wheels are KMC 825 buck 25s with -18 offset. I want to run either 305/45R22’s or 33x12.50R22. From what I’m told, half my sources say that the 33’s will rub at least on the lower valance with that -18 offset but then half of my other Google search and show that there is no issue. The truck is going to be leveled on a 2” SuspensionMaxx kit. To be safe, one could argue to go with the 305‘s to avoid rubbing but the issue there is they are 4 ply tire and are only rated up to 50 psi. I’m not sure how this would affect the ride and the safety. The 33’s are a 12 ply tire rated higher than our 10 ply stocks. The tires I want are the Nitto ridge grappler‘s. Does anybody have a similar set up with 33’s on a leveled Duramax either LML or L5P? Any help would be appreciated.
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