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  1. I need one as well. But when I went to Amazon it said that this model wont work on trucks. Does anyone know if it works with truck tires?
  2. Here is my 2 cents. BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Its my go to tire that I have used for years and all my Chev trucks They come in all sizes, including the size you prefer. Its a fantastic tire, great for on road and off road driving. Great off-road traction but not too rough for the street. Also, for future consideration. When you change rims you may want to down size to a 18" rim. Your spare tire is on a 18" rim and 18" tires are cheaper than 20" tires. Plus its better for off-road driving (more tire, less rim).
  3. 1SLOW1500 answered correctly. The sway bar attaches to the trailer hitch. My High Country (2500HD) comes with a built in trailer brake system. If your Denali does as well, then you are all set. As 1SLOW1500 mentioned, air bags on the rear axle could also help with weight issues.
  4. You didn't mention if your have 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. Generally 4WD will lower your tow rating by a few hundred pounds because of the extra weight of the 4WD. However, either way, you should be fine with your current set up. Based on the Travel Trailers (Campers is the incorrect term, trailers are towed. Campers fit inside the bed of your truck) that you are looking at, you should have some extra weight as cushion. But I would invest in good sway bars and trailer brake system. There are many lightweight trailers out there that would satisfy your needs. Also, make sure you know the difference between "dry weight" and "wet weight" of your trailer. "Dry" meaning empty tanks and no stuff in your trailer and "Wet" meaning full tanks and lots of stuff in your trailer. The difference between the two could be several hundred pounds or more. Very important note. Any RV salesman worth their salt will want to inspect your tow vehicle before they sell you a trailer to insure that you can properly tow it. If they don't, run away fast. There are many RV sales folks who just want a quick sale and will push you towards something unsuited for your vehicle or needs. Good luck
  5. I have a set of chrome mirror covers that came from a 2015 Highcountry 2500HD. They are for the larger tow mirrors. If they work for you, let me know. I am willing to sell them cheap.
  6. A few things to remember when you get your boat/trailer combination. Make sure you add the weight of the trailer (empty) and the weight of the boat together. Many folks forget the trailer weight when figuring their towing capacity. Also, what ever weight you are told the boat weighs will be the "dry weight." That means no fuel, no gear, etc. You can easily add another 500-1000 pounds of weight when your boat is fully loaded. Factor in all those numbers and the tongue weight before you buy a boat. The good news is that the weight of the boat/trailer you are looking at will most likely be within your towing capacity. Based on your description of your truck its really not outfitted for towing (small engine, high gear ratio, etc) so it may not have a tow/haul mode or built in trailer brake controller. That doesn't mean that you cant tow, its just a little more work on your part. Don't drive too fast and make sure your truck brakes are always in good condition as towing will increase wear and tear on your brakes.
  7. I have a similar whistling issue with my 2015 2500HD HighCountry. But its not from the shark fin, mine is from the mirrors. I only notice it when I am driving during windy conditions and if the wind is hitting my truck at a specific direction. I have the large autofolding RV mirrors on the truck.
  8. I do agree that the new 2500HD is horribly ugly. I am glad that I am not in the market for a new truck anytime soon.
  9. I just received a set of WeatherTech for my 2015 HighCountry. They fit perfectly compared to the crappy GM ones.
  10. My truck is my daily driver. My drive is 2 hours each way to work. My 2015 has 70k miles on it. While I get my ass kicked in gas expenses, my ride is very comfortable and pleasant. I would rather drive a truck than a car any day of the week. If I could afford it, I would buy a beater car just for commuting to work. But alas, I cannot. My suggestion is keep the truck and get a beater car just for work. But it really depends on what you use your truck for. I need mine for the all the things I do in my life that is not work related. But I am truck guy. I have always owned trucks and at one point we didnt even own a car in my family, both my wife and I drove trucks. Both my adult kids own and drive trucks, its just our lifestyle. But if you will only need your truck occasionally, then sell it and get a car. Its whatever your lifestyle dictates.
  11. When I got my custom ordered, expensive at hell, 2015 HighCountry 2500HD, 4x4, it came with every possible option GM made. It turns out the top of the line model of Chev Trucks came with the same bag as yours. I guess its the way it is nowadays.
  12. I just put Fuel 18 x 9 rims on my 2015 High Country 2500HD. I always hated the 20" rims that came with the truck and had no issues at all changing out to 18 x 9 Fuel Neutrons. Just make sure that they send the right rims. Apparently (according to the tire shop), Fuel sent them rims with an older lug nut pattern (older than 2015) that wouldn't fit the "new" GM pattern.
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