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  1. These are great, thanks for sharing. Need to order a couple asap
  2. Painting interior trim

    I'd wrap everything - i've done so with success in previous vehicles
  3. I hope so - the guy I spoke with was super helpful but didn't have any timeline on potential production date
  4. Another Bilstein thread

    stock 2014 Silverado 4x4 is 74" tall - should be fairly easy to calculate the height of your truck from there
  5. PB Blaster or similar penetrating fluid - pulling the whole exhaust off shouldn't be too hard if you need the leverage. The rubber hangers may be absorbing a lot of your efforts with the hammer.
  6. BIlstein 5100 Advice

    The OTC spring compressor looks nice for under $200 - especially if you'll use it in the future or have buddies that will benefit. I've use the junk ones from my local parts store 8-10 times on various vehicles and never had an issue. *I'm sure to inspect the threads prior to leaving the store - nothing worse than getting a strut halfway apart and having the compressor get hungup.
  7. I like it - nice work getting them to sit where you wanted
  8. Very common to see vehicles 'wrapped' here in New England - $3-4k sounds like an inexpensive quote for a full size truck. I've done some small scale vinyl wrap work and it definitely requires skill + patience I don't have
  9. I'm a fan of the stock Z71 door badges on my Midnight edition
  10. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    New to me 2015 Midnight Edition! Waiting on a leveling kit:
  11. New to me 2015 Midnight Edition. Waiting on 2” front level and need to match the front windows to the rear.

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