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  1. I could live with around that had they not shrunk the damn fuel tank.
  2. It can also store multiple networks. At home ours connects to either the house or our motorhome and at my warehouse, connects to our network there. I have not connected it to the Little Caesar's Arena network that way I don't accidentally download an update and I can't start the truck. ;)
  3. As much as I would have rather had a 2500, this makes me glad I got the 1500 and not waited.
  4. Sure as shit better not do that when at a Red Wings Game LOL. How this simple thing is missed by so many on this forum.
  5. Not start/stop - the update must be accepted and the vehicle must be then powered off. The updates don't just start on their own and certainly don't update when the vehicle is running. It also didn't stall - it was turned off to keep from melting the ice. The turning it off was not caused by the update but was updated when it was turned off. Not sure what this is such a difficult concept.
  6. Not to mention that it's the 3rd or 4th thread about it. LOL
  7. What I'm saying is that in VERY large print on the screen it says that the vehicle can not be restarted until the update is done. When mine was needed, I just hit cancel until I was in a place/time where it wouldn't matter if it had to sit for a little while - like when I got home in my driveway. It's really not that hard.
  8. 1) Had to turn off the truck so it wouldn't melt the ice. 2) Once turned off, driver accidentally accepted an over-the-air software update. 3) Once update has been accepted, truck will not start until complete. Not a joke, it's the way it works and clearly states that when you accept the update that the truck can't be restarted until update is complete. Beats the hell out of downloading files to a USB stick and updating them or having to take it to a dealer for an update. This was nothing more than driver error - should have never accepted the update.
  9. Also coming out of a '13 LTZ and '15 Suburban, both with the 5.3. The grunt of the 6.2 is VERY noticeable. If I feel the need for speed, I'll take the wife's car or my bike.
  10. Wonder if it's a new mandate. Haven't noticed yet, but do know we just got a new motorhome with a Cummins ISB and it will automatically shut down after about 10-15 minutes at idle.
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