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  1. sure. curious if the op ever went with nitrous. thinking about using it on my truck until I throw a LSA supercharger on. just wondering how much of a shot is good without running a dedicated fuel cell. also, not sure if I need bigger injectors since I'm already running a cam.
  2. if you can post a link to where you read about that, i'd love to read it myself out of curiosity
  3. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there's no way he did that without at least internal mods like a cam/head package, supercharger, turbo, or nitrous. the new z06 with 650hp ran a 10.9 and its several hundred pounds lighter. I had a head/cam 05 vette that didn't run that fast (I know LS2) but my brother has a 08 Z06 (7.0L) with a huge cam/heads with all the supporting mods and tuned by Vengenance racing (laid down 650 to the wheels) and ran low 10s. no way a bolt on Camaro without some major mods ran 10.7. are you saying the Camaro can pick up 200hp from bolt ons? lol apples to apples, the 2018 ZL1 Camaro with 650hp ran 11.7 @124. so, I don't know that all this person had done to their Camaro to run 10.7s but it was obviously a lot.
  4. This is false by a long shot. no way in hell, a bolt on Camaro SS with no nos, sc, or turbo is in the 10s. especially with the stock cam. I know this thread is old, but I stumbled on it looking for something else. just replying so that other people doing their research can get the facts.
  5. I got the ford keys for more lift. I drove it like that for 2 years without any trouble.
  6. aftermarket torsion keys are cheap and so is a body lift. I had both on my 01 and fit 35s without rubbing. I had ford keys that I bought out of a 4x4 magazine (sold for a chevy) and they provided more lift. hard part was finding a shop that wanted to replace them since they were ford.
  7. I wouldn't go through the hassle of swapping in a 6.0 or selling yours to buy one. I don't think it makes that much difference. I have a 6.2 and it still downshifts a lot and gets horrible gas mileage. I have cam also so it gets horrible gas mileage even without towing. nothing beats a diesel towing. before this truck, I had a 6.4 f250 and it never downshifted. it would haul a car on a car hauler and still get 16mpg. the 6.7 f250 and 6.6 duramax's get even better than that. buddy of mine pulls his rzr with 35" tires and gets 20mpg deleted. if you don't want to get a diesel, I would look at sc or turbo.
  8. i changed keys on my 2000 model z71 to ford keys that I ordered out of a off-road magazine (for a chevy). had a hard time finding someone to install them since they were ford keys but after having them installed, I never had any problems out of them. I had a body lift on that truck with the keys and had 35s with no rubbing. if you're looking for just a little lift, the tire shop can turn your factory keys up.
  9. i'd look up a local shop. i have a cam in my escalade and it runs awesome. i saw another post from someone in cali and they recommended a few shops. can't remember the names or if they are close to you. look up vengenance racing in Atlanta. they specialize in this area and can probably get you set up without you actually having to go to them. they may be a little more expensive but they tuned my brothers vette and it ran awesome too.
  10. not sure exactly how it works but my light only comes on when the pressure is dropped below 30psi and over 50 I believe. that's with street tires or mud tires. I see you mentioned getting worse gas mileage. are the tires the same size? even if they are, some manufacturer's tires run truer to size than others. if the sizes vary even a little bit, it can throw your mileage off. going up in size usually decreases your mileage.
  11. not sure what the answer is to this problem but I have had leveling kits on many trucks and never encountered this problem. my dad also farms so we take the trucks off in fields all the time. Has the vehicle ever been in an accident?
  12. I agree with sefiroxx. always follow door specifications. I had some mud tires that say to run a max of 60psi and when it left the shop, that's what it had in it. the ride was stiff as shit and it wanted to walk all over the road. I deflated them to run what my door jam said it the ride was night and day difference. the tires still wore evenly and I never had any problems with them
  13. it depends if you are doing the work yourself. cam swap can be expensive. headers are cheap but you will need a custom tune to turn off the check engine light. headers and an ory will sound so good with corsa exhaust tho.
  14. I have a magnaflow now and I don't like it. it's too quiet. if you want quiet, then get a magnaflow. hell, i'm about to replace this muffler with a black widow muffler and I'll give it to you if you're close. save you some money. I'm around Memphis.
  15. mine had brackets that bolt to the frame where the tow hooks go and the top brackets bolted to the frame where the grill is. I want to say I had to take out 2 existing bolts to install the top. if you go ahead and install the bolts in the bottom, you should be able to see where the top bolts go.
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