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  1. Truck longevity

    When I was looking for my used truck, I ran into "something somewhere" that said the 5.3 engine was engineered for a 400,000 lifetime. Sorry I can't remember where I picked this up.
  2. Random Gauge Issue Happening

    Also check your battery. A dying battery can cause all sorts of electrical mischief. The computers don't get the voltage they expect at startup, before the alternator kicks in, and they can boot up in some weird states.
  3. Just go ahead and get the battery checked. Dying batteries cause all sorts of problems on modern vehicles. Of course, you could go with my solution, which was to buy and older truck without so many electronics.
  4. DIY bed liner

    I've not heard anyone who was happy with a roll-on in a truck bed. I have heard from people who were happy with it in other situations. I decided to go with a Line-X liner. Costs more, but so far it hasn't had a problem. I I've carried metal junk to the dump, heavy furniture and some other things. Haven't babied it and it has just worked.
  5. cruise control has died

    I've seen that as well. It's either that or replace the multifunction switch, and the brake switch is a lot less expensive. But before that, I'm going to check more on the resistors on the lights. That may be the issue.
  6. http://www.compnine.com/vid.php I want to say it's 5/$5.
  7. 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 Actually it died a while back but I'm just now troubleshooting it. For the record, I have replaced every bulb in the truck with LEDs. The brake lights are Spyders with the LEDs built into the housing. I also replaced the flasher to remedy a case of hyper-flash when I changed out the brake lights. 3rd brakelight has a large epoxied box that I am assuming is a resistor. The brake lights do not have this item as best I remember, but I'd have to pull a light to confirm. Fuse checks OK by meter. No obvious defects with either the brake switch (all lights come on and go off as they should) or the multi-function switch. With the truck running, in park and the cruise switch on, there is no voltage across the fuse. I don't think this is the speed sensor since the speedo works fine. Where do I go from here?
  8. 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 The truck is an SLT trim level, but the original purchaser didn't get steering wheel mounted controls for the stereo. The existing stereo is dead as are the front speakers. I'm going to swap it all out for a Pioneer setup. I know there are various aftermarket kits to upgrade existing controls, but is there something out there to allow me to add them where they never existed? The best thing I've come up with is a used steering wheel with the factory controls. As I understand it the necessary wiring is already in place in the existing steering wheel, so it should be a "simple" swap. Am I barking up the right tree or is there another way?
  9. Upgrade Driving Lights

    It's not a bulb issue, it's a projector issue. I replace my headlight housings with some from Spyder and had that problem. Adjusting the headlights properly pretty much eliminated it. If you follow the advice from all over the Internet about the cutoff being the same height as the optical center of your projector (measuring the height at 25'), you're almost always going to be low. I have mine adjusted so that when driving down a level stretch of road the light cuts off at the bottom of the road signs (curve, school zone and the like). The hard cutoff is eliminated, except in situations where the road slopes up sharply in front of you. No one has flashed headlights at me yet.
  10. Strange oil level issue

    You haven't by chance changed your oil brand, or from dino oil to a synthetic, have you? I've seen this happen with 2 other GM vehicles (neither had a 5.3) when I attempted to change from dino to synthetic. Changing back to dino oil stopped the problem.
  11. Thank the heavens no, I don't have that blasted auto feature. :-) One of the reasons I bought this truck is because my '11 Subaru Outback has enough technology on it that it gets in my way. Yes, it has the auto feature in the HVAC, and it drives me crazy, as do a number of other high-tech but low to no use (to me) features. And wait until you get the repair bill when on breaks! However, it doesn't have things I find terribly useful, such as door locks that lock at 15 MPH. The one thing it does have that I'd like to disable is the auto headlights.
  12. No, that is at the bottom of the radiator, near the middle if it's where I've seen them on other GM vehicles.
  13. Well, I'll be. Yes, the truck has OnStar, so I guess this is the mic for it. Thanks guys.
  14. I have a small black "thing" on the left side of the overhead console in my 2001 GMC Sierra 1500. I thought it was some part of something left over from a previous owner, but when I pulled the console to remove it, it appears to be factory wired (goes to the black plug in the picture). Anyone know what it is?
  15. Last week I had to replace the shocks on my 01 1500 Sierra. I went with Monroe's OESpectrum. Made a big difference in cornering. Time will tell how good they are.

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