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  1. Washed my truck and found this giant gash in my running board. Whatever it was, looks like it was something I threw up from the road while driving. Maybe a wheel weight - gonna have that checked. I suppose this is enough evidence for me to accept it likely wasn’t mechanical in nature.
  2. Hey guys, looking for some help or ideas. 2018 Silverado z71 crew can, 5.3 6 speed. Driving to work this morning on a slightly slanted road at approx 25 mph, I heard a loud bang or pop (as if I had tossed a massive stone or something) underneath my cab (underneath drivers side floor or seat behind the wheel well). First time I’ve ever heard it. Truck has 19,300 miles. No changes to RPM, oil pressure, or tire pressure immediately after. Pulled over and looked for any damage and found nothing. Truck is running normal with no codes and it did not recur. I finished driving to work and drove home with no issues, as well (approx 40 miles in total). I know the previous models had common issues with body mounts popping with frame flexes, but thought that was corrected in the K2s. Any thoughts on what this could’ve been? Wondering if I should take it in to have it looked at or not. I’ve had rocks hit my running boards before and echo loudly off them since they are mostly hollow, but this sounded excessive (or huge). I saw nothing at all in the road that I could’ve hit before it happened. I’ve had bad catalytic converters before and backfires with other vehicles and this sounded nothing like either. I’d appreciate anyone’s thoughts on the matter or to know if it’s happened to anyone else, as I’m completely stumped. Worth a dealer visit for a check, or wait and see? Thanks!
  3. Glad you found the recommendations useful! The directions in the kit are easy to follow, and they have YouTube videos, too, for how to properly apply. Some big or deep chips will take a few coats. I hope you’ll be as satisfied as all of us were/seem to be. Good luck!
  4. Last winter I got stuck behind salt truck. My truck is white and it beat the hell out of it. I had heard positive things about DoctorColorChip and, man, let me tell you, what a phenomenal product. I bought their cheapest starter kit (I believe it was approximately $60 with shipping) and it covered and matched PERFECTLY. The ONLY downside is that it simply paints over the chips, it doesn’t fill them in (even after multiple coats - you can get close, but not perfect). $60 isn’t cheap, but it filled a good 15 chips I had of varying sizes. I had 2 big ones I can still point out if I get close and look for them, but the rest I have no idea where they were. Great product, if you’ve got a forgiving color (like your black). I’ve heard mixed reviews on the metallic colors. In the end, I just wanted the chips handled so it wouldn’t rust and didn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Worked great.
  5. I’ll see if I can get under there this weekends for some photos of the mounts.
  6. Hey man, yes; my truck was made in Silao - completely stock, outside of the Michelin Defenders. With regard to “tightening”, the dealer did an alignment for me after I screamed at them when they changed my tires (I had to pay the difference from th Goodyear SRAs to the Michelins, so I damn sure wanted them to wear well) and found that there was some slack in the front suspension and my toe was out a bit from the factory. I’m not sure if that correction or the tire swap took care of my steering wheel vibrations, but I can definitively say that it is gone - I’ve had no vibrations in the wheel for almost a year, even through a tire rotation. Now, I will say this truck has a lot of steering feel/feedback over bumps and even slight road imperfections, but I no longer have the oscillating vibration in the wheel. I’ve not yet looked at my cab mounts, but will take a gander. My vibes in the seat/console are so random and seem to contain so many variables it’s hard to pinpoint. It doesn’t always vibrate. I’ve driven 400 miles without ANY vibration at ANY speed, and other times the moment I hit 81mph it shakes a little. Temperature Seems to be a factor, as does type of road surface. I can get up to 90 on a concrete highway and it’ll drive smooth as can be, and 5 miles down the road when it switches to asphalt it’ll shake a little (I don’t drive that fast - I’m talking just for testing. My common commuter speed is 75-80 with the flow of traffic). My only assumption there is vehicle stance, and wear tracks on the asphalt road, which obviously are much less likely on concrete. I considered lemon lawing the truck at first when the vibes were bad in the steering wheel, but since that’s been resolved I can’t say my truck vibes “excessively”. I am constantly looking for it now. It’s just disappointing that it does shake sometimes, even though I’d characterize it as “minor”. Over my time on this forum I’ve seen some folks post about the generally “weak” engineering of our fold down center console on the bench, and I’ve got to agree - that thing is like a tuning fork and with shake like mad even if I just hit a bump. As a result, I DO think some of what I see in my truck is just natural resonance. If I can get it out of the drivers seat 100% (again, it’s minor), I’ll be fully satisfied, even if the console shakes a little. I’ve put the folding console in the up position and there does not appear to be any vibes in the actual bench seat, so... I dunno. Your guess is as good as mine. At the time, I had incentives for not wanting to dump my truck - GM discount, rebates, and 0% interest to name a few. I saved about $15,000 on the vehicle all said and done, and being the son of a GM retiree, I know better than to buy in the first year of a new generation. Otherwise, the truck has been great. My 5.3L and the 6 speed trans have been flawless for me. Shifts smooth, has plenty of power. I’ve gotten 30 mpg on the highway over 50 miles before. Couldn’t be happier with the vehicle outside of the slight shimmy in my seat (I’m not defending GM regarding his issue, just giving my experience of the vehicle). However, my dealer sucks - won’t ever buy a car from them again. Truck had 8 dealer visits and something like 40 days in the shop over the first 6 months I owned it, later I found out that most of that time it just SAT in their lot. It wasn’t until I got in their asses and told them what I wanted done that I got results and my steering vibe got resolved, and even then they never looked at my pinion angles, U joints, or driveshaft. Discount tire found one of my tires to be out of balance by 5oz when I first got the Defenders installed by the dealer. 5oz?! That was the result WITH their hunter road force machine. I have ZERO trust in the techs at the dealership I bought my truck at. Even after asking for an experienced person to balance my tires, they have messed it up every single time. This doesn’t even mention that until the GM District Manager got involved, drove my truck, and felt he vibrations in the wheel, the dealership completely DENIED it even existed. On at least TWO occasions, I dropped my truck off only to pick it up later that day or the next day with them having done NOTHING and telling me “it’s fixed; good to go.” Things didn’t move until the DM and a GM Engineer showed up to pico my truck (for the record, it was a T1 tire vibe they detected). Expanding on that, I’ll also never buy another Goodyear product (took them 24 tires to find 4 in spec and it still vibed on them after), not to mention another issue I had with SRAs on another vehicle years back. I’ve always had good luck with Michelins and Coopers - I’ll stick with those going forward. Either way, I’m happy to help however I can. If you’ve got more questions, just let me know.
  7. Hey guys, just checking in after a good 8 or 10 months or so since my last update. My truck (2018 Silverado Z71 1500 Crew Cab 5.3L 6 speed 3.42 gears with 18” wheels) now has approximately 16,000 miles and is close to vibration free. Back in January, I had the dealer retorque the entire front end among with a switch to Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires and that got rid of ALL of my steering wheel vibration. I now ride smooth as glass from 1-80mph. Between 81 and 83, I get some resonance that vibrates my bench seat center console that I can feel just a little in the drivers seat that comes and goes and seems to phase around corners, but that’s it - speed related only and is not affected by acceleration or RPMs. It also completely disappears in warm weather (75 degrees and higher or so). I’m going to have a road force balance done at my next rotation in approximately 2,000 miles to see if I can take care of that. Otherwise, the truck has been good. I am frustrated that it still seems so sensitive to RFV, but I suppose it might just be the nature of the beast. After scrounging the Internet over the past year and a half, I’ve found every make and model of trucks with posts about vibrations. I bought my truck In May of 2018. GM and my dealer eventually told me nothing was wrong with my truck, all was operating within spec, and that vibrations at 80+ mph aren’t something they can diagnose, flat out telling me they’d expect some at that speed due to smooth road shake and natural resonance (though they did work with my regarding the steering vibes up to 75 when my steering wheel was still shaking, since I argued Michigan has freeways with that as their posted speeds). I went so far as to have my private mechanic who I have used for 5+ years look it over and he confirmed all was tight, fit, and in good shape after a suspension/driveline inspection (he and his brother own the shop and both drive 2017/2018 Silverados). In short, my steering wheel is firm, solid, and not shaking anymore since January 2019. I’ve got no shakes or vibes up to 80mph, and I’m willing to bet at this point the remaining shake at 80+ is either tires (I didn’t have seat vibes with the factory Goodyear SRAs, but they vibed the shit out of my steering wheel) or inherent in the design and smooth road shake (I should mention asphalt is WAY more susceptible to set it off than concrete). Time will tell, but the vibration is so slight in the seat that I’m to the point I doubt I’ll do much more. None of my passengers have ever felt it in their seats, even after I’ve asked (though my wife admits she sees the center console Shake a little when I’m at 80+, notably when I’ve got a big water bottle or something in it), so maybe I’m just looking for it at this point. Anyway, hope you all have good luck with your trucks. I can’t say I’m 100% satisfied at this point, but I’m close. I rarely drive over 80mph, so the fact I get some vibes there rarely affects me, but does still bother me deep down. Every vehicle I’ve ever owned has had nuances I’ve disliked, this is just the first NEW vehicle I’ve ever had in my 32 years of life, so it’s disappointing to say the least.
  8. This. Took me nearly a year and something like 12 dealer visits amounting to 40+ in-shop days to resolve my steering wheel and center console vibration and it was entirely due to the Goodyear Wrangler SRAs. The dealer ordered like 22 tires to find four in spec over the course of MULTIPLE tire replacement visits and those still had lateral run out and would easily come out of balance. Eventually I lost my patience, threw a fit, and worked out a deal for a set of Michelin Defender LTXs. Found out the toe alignment on my front passenger side was way out of spec SINCE NEW, too, which could’ve been causing wear problems and then vibrations. Forced them to fix that for free, too. Have not had any issues since in 4,000ish miles. 2018 LT z71 4x4 Crew Cab, by the way. This truck does have a lot of road feel/feedback, though I suppose that is to be expected on such a vehicle, especially with a z71 suspension that has only 10,000 miles on it. Will probably move to Bilstein shocks once my watranty is done. I will never buy a Goodyear product for the rest of my life, even their top of the line tires. I’ve always had good luck with Michelin’s and Coopers. Hopefully it stays that way.
  9. This. I’m from Michigan, and the winter gas mix along with temps hovering at or below 20 degrees, combined with fairly short average trips (15 mile drive to work) have seen my MPG drop from 19.5 combined to around 17. I drive a 2018 5.3L. I’m also a little heavier on the pedal than I was when I first got the truck. Nature of the beast here in the north, so I suppose it could be an O2 sensor or, depending on where you live, it might just be the climate. I was getting 24mpg on the highway in the summer! Summer blend and good temps help mileage a ton.
  10. I’ve read similar complaints from some folks who said they only lasted 30-40k miles, while others noted 70k+. But honestly, I paid for only a tire and a half out of the set of four (dealer ate the rest), so even if they wear quicker than I’d like, it still beats those shit SRAs. These tires don’t vibrate at all. If the Michelin’s let me down on treadwear, I’ll go back to Coopers afterward. My wife’s 2016 AWD Equinox has the OEM Michelin Latitudes on them, and they’ve been solid for 40k miles and look like there’s another 15ish or so left. So far, my only complaint is that I lost my white sidewall lettering from the Goodyear SRAs.
  11. Bought a set of Michelin LTX Defenders today (stock 265/65 18s). Paid the difference to upgrade as I got tired of the Goodyear SRAs slipping all over in the snow and constantly changing balance. Also found out my toe alignment was out in the front and had that fixed under warranty, after I insisted the dealership check it. Vehicle drives nicer than it absolutely ever has in my year of ownership (2018 LT Z71 crew 4x4). I have slightly more road feel now due to stiffer side walls (I run at 36lbs cold all around), but the ride is SIGNIFICANTLY better over the Goodyears and there is no vibration at all anymore, even in my bench seat console. They all roadforced to 12lbs or less easily. Took it to 95 mph and it drove great. Couldn't be happier. Would've never considered the Michelin's had it not've been for this post (always had good luck with Cooper ATPs), so cheers to all of you who suggested them.
  12. Luckily for me (and everyone on this forum), this post was a wealth of information. Everyone’s shared experiences, recommendations, and support were extremely helpful. I hope that everyone is able to get their issues resolved, and being courteous and patient is absolutely the best approach. I’ve been a GM customer my whole life (direct family employment ties) and while I don’t think that’ll change going forward, I will be more diligent and scroutinous about my purchases. I did months of research on the Silverado before I bought it and not once came across the vibration complaints (or this website) before I signed all the paperwork. Great community we have here, and I’m very thankful to have found it.
  13. While I agree with you a lot of the blame should be on Goodyear, in my case, as it took TWENTY TWO tires ordered BY THE DEALER from THEIR tire distributor to get four within spec, my truck was nonetheless in the dealership shop for 48 days over NINE different visits with two GM Engineer appearances and work with a District Rep over the first eight months of ownership for what turned out to be.... BALANCING!?! Up until yesterday, they were using the cheap sticky weights, too - you know, the ones they cut to size/weight. They must’ve hired a new tire guy because the OEM weights are now back on my wheels, and my truck finally drives great (here’s hoping it STAYS that way). How this happened and went on this long is beyond me, but the blame is absolutely not solely on the tire manufactures. GM contracted with them to put these piece of shit Goodyear’s on their trucks. That’s their problem, not mine. And all the time I wasted dealing with this in a brand new vehicle is something I’ll never get back, along with all the scratches I have on my rims now from the movement of weights on NINE different occasions. I gave them plenty of chances to get it right (nicely and respectfully, I might add), only to be told “we don’t feel anything” and “the truck is operating as designed.” Bullshit. To me, this is absolutely unacceptable, from Goodyear’s manufacturing process, to GM’s lack of customer service, and my dealerships ridiculous hoops and awfully trained techs. I told the dealer at multiple intervals that if the tires were that bad, they should’ve upgraded me to Michelin’s or Coopers by now. I was told by the District Rep that was “legally impossible” due to the Tread Act and all the fallout from Firestone back in the day. After buying two cars from this dealer, I guarantee I won’t be returning ever again. Given my experience, I give props solely to the GM District Rep. He upfront admitted something was wrong with my truck when he drove it. Without his help, I’d still be dealing with this issue with the dealer’s service department, who he told me, did NOT believe me when I said there were vibrations. I wrote GM a letter about my experience that included his praise. The guy did his job, reimbursed me a monthly payment for having my truck for so long (34 days straight for one visit), and for now, my vibrations are resolved.
  14. Had my first oil change and service today at 6900 miles. Turns out all four of my tires (which were just replaced in October, 2018 at the same dealership) were off balance again. This either speaks volumes to GM Tech abilities or to the incredible ability for the Goodyear SRAs to change drastically over less than 3,000 miles. I get that balance changes over time, especially with new tires, but this has been excessive. Smooth as glass on the highway up to 85, by the way. Drove around long enough to let them heat up to be sure I wasn’t being fooled. I thought the truck was smooth back in October. Today is a totally different experience. Drives better than my wife’s Equinox now. We’ll see if this sticks, or if in another 1000 miles the tires are all out of balance again. Quick reminder from my previous posts; I had a vibration in my steering wheel and sometimes the center console (bench seat) since purchase. The rear end, gas pedal, seats, and the cab as a whole have always been smooth. 2018 Chevy Silverado LT Z71 Crew Cab, 3.42
  15. This mirrored my experience exactly. It was balancing all along, and after 7 trips to the dealer and over 40 days in the shop, a Hunter tech got mine right on the first try. My truck is smooth as glass now (2,000 miles and counting). The only thing I feel now is the road on the highway, a slight buzz/tingle in my hands anytime I’m going over 73. The Goodyear SRAs have something to do with that road feel, in my opinion. Mine seem to flatspot overnight in the cold weather here in Michigan and it takes about 10 miles for them to warm up and smooth out. A set of Michelin LTXs should alleviate that when I’m due for new treads, but I’m too cheap to drop $1,000 on tires on a truck with only 6,000 miles. Either way, in short, mine is WAY better now. I am convinced GM techs have no idea what they’re doing unless something throws a code and tells them exactly what the problem is.
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