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  1. Daverado, I value Your opinion. In the spirit of open mindedness, please read the following articles. Not attempting to change you view, but it may encourage you to understand why many people’s opinions differ from yours. I’ll concede that many people’s opinions differ from mine as well. The first and second article illustrate the financial gravity of big oil. The third article has references to a multitude of real and verifiable sources. Have a a great day! https://oilprice.com/Energy/Crude-Oil/The-17-Trillion-Oil-Industry-Isnt-Going-Anywhere.html https://www.ucsusa.org/clean-vehicles/clean-fuels/where-your-gas-money-goes#.XDXjgqROmEc http://fuel-efficient-vehicles.org/energy-news/?page_id=785
  2. Thanks HondaHawk, it seems as though some may have read my post to say I think that aluminum is unsafe. I never it said it was unsafe. It’s my opinion that it is LESS safe than steel. In order for aluminum to reach the same strength standards of steel, it must be much thicker. The increased thickness makes it heavier and it costs much more, and negates the weight savings sought to achieve in the first place. The fact that F150s are so expensive is in part due to the use of aluminum. They are a very nice truck and I’m not at all biased against Ford. Dollar for dollar, GM trucks are a better value for me. 😉
  3. Lol, very true. Yeah, I think people are drawn to what’s interesting. The new look of the GM 2019 trucks is attention grabbing and will fade as time goes on. Thanks for that though, it’s always nice to read a post with a sense of humor.
  4. Yeah dude, I’ve read those. Glad you have some google skills and that you seriously think the politicians have your best interest in mind. Evidently ignorance IS bliss for some.
  5. Kozzy, I’m sure they will work out all of the bugs. I had the leaking rear window and the info screen has begun to glitch. But I bought my Denali in September as soon as they came out. The truck is a beast and I get a lot of great comments on it. The ride is smooth and the 6.2L with the 10 speed is better than any luxury vehicle I have driven. I would recommend waiting a few more months if you can but only if you can ensure what you want to buy was built later than earlier. I bet the adaptive cruise control comes out in the 2020 model year. Would be worth waiting for in my opinion.
  6. No, using aluminum is not the way to accomplish meeting the standard. There was a carburetor developed in the 50s that was able to get over 100 miles to the gallon. The patent and the inventor went “mysteriously” missing. The technology exists to improve fuel economy without sacrificing structural integrity and placing the burden of cost and compromised safety on the consumer. Did you see the pics of the Fords on the prior posts? Aluminum doesn’t have the impact absorption of steel. 20 years ago it was unthinkable to get nearly 20 miles to the gallon with a big V8. We do now. Don’t believe the political hype.
  7. Dang it! I hadn’t noticed it on my 2019 Sierra Denali until I just looked. Thanks for that 😜 It’s there, not as bad as on your Chevy, but there nonetheless under both side passenger door handles. Aluminum is very unforgiving and not an ideal metal for vehicles. It tends to tear rather than bend and requires any welding be done only in the presence of inert gas (can’t remember which) or instant oxidation will ruin the weld. We can thank the government for the pending new EPA mileage standards getting ready to go into effect which has precipitated the use of lighter materials on vehicles in preparation of meeting those requirements. I also think these will be the last years of the big V8 gassers. Let’s enjoy them while they last! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the new standards go into effect 2022.
  8. I was having the same intermittent rattle on my 2019 Sierra Denali. My dealership found, when they had to remove the rear seats to replace a leaking rear window, that a nut had not been applied by the factory to one of the three studs holding down the amplifier for the stereo. The amplifier is mounted somewhere near the rear passenger side floor or back cab panel. The tech installed the nut and it fixed the rattle. Have them check it out. 😉
  9. I disagree with the service bulletin above. It WILL affect reliability. If more weight is consistently placed on one cable, it could cause more stress on that cable causing it to fail prematurely. If it were not an issue, then why have two cables in the first place? If anyone has had tailgate cables fail, it’s not a pretty result. I would insist that the the cables be measured to ensure they are both the same length and if so, that the tailgate be realigned so that tension is equal on both cables. IDK, perhaps the dealership can find another truck on the lot with the same issue and swap a short cable with a long cable on your truck.
  10. Got mine back Friday 21st of December and no leaks after the replacement rear window. GM is placing the affected vehicles on a numbered list based on time of report of leak. I was one of the first reported cases and it took 39 days to get my truck back. Depending on how many are in front of you, it could be quite a while judging from my experience. As outrag 1 stated, be loud, but be civil. I would remind the dealership to do everything in their power to make you happy since 1. GM is paying for the repair and loaner vehicle and 2. They may like your repeat business. Also, be sure to get it on the record with GM Customer Service. Water damage is no joke, so be sure to let the dealership know that you want to inspect the truck, while they have it torn down, for damage. They will have to remove the rear seats and seat backs to replace the rear window assembly. It’s a perfect time to inspect for rust, mild and mildew.
  11. No, thats definitely not a good sign. Got mine back after 39 days at the dealership. They replaced the entire rear window and headliner. The fix survived a direct pressure wash today, no leaks. That being said, I wouldn’t buy a new one unless it was certified leak proof. Evidently GM has a new manufacturer for the rear windows. Also, I know of two others locally with 2019 Sierras and no leak problems....yet.
  12. Yes, I agree about the first model year, but they haven’t reinvented the proverbial wheel with this iteration. I hope this is the first and last issue with this vehicle. 😉
  13. MTsound, sorry to hear you are having the same problem. The unofficial word is that the problem is very widespread and GM has fired the original manufacturer of the rear windows for 2019 Silverados and Sierras and has hired a new manufacturer. It has been 37 days for me without the truck. However, I’m pleased that GM has taken the steps to ensure the issue is corrected permanently. Among many questions, one stands out: When will a recall be issued to save loyal customers from the potential vehicle damage from a leaking window?
  14. But why does it happen? Shouldn’t be from too much air flow.
  15. It’s now been 30 days the truck has been at the dealership awaiting repair. Unbelievable.

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