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  1. Square, similar to others I wasn't sure until I saw the pictures. To me it fits the lines of the rear and factory opening better.
  2. I notice the same kind of noise on mine, 6.2 LTZ. I park in an underground garage at the office and noises like that are easy to hear. Same scenario with low speed, low rpm triggering the noise particularly when the engine is cold. Since I can't really hear it when not in the garage I wasn't going to take it in to try and address it. Curious if it becomes a common complaint and they identify the cause.
  3. ...watching for updates. I have the base sound system in my 2019 and it's one of the few things I don't love about the truck, but I kinda new that when I skipped the Bose option. I'm not looking to add much, but will likely replace all of the speakers and see if the factory head unit can power enough to sound ok. Not much information out there yet.
  4. 2019 Silverado LTZ with the 6.2. 4,000 miles and no issues. Love my truck!
  5. I think everyone looks at these with the same question. Why they don't make a TB with the 6.2 is so confusing as that seems to be what everyone wants. I ended up getting a moderately optioned LTZ so I could get the 6.2L. Dollar for dollar it felt like a good compromise and with supplier pricing it was too good to pass up. Figure I can add a lift or change wheels/tires any time and though it is a lot of chrome on the front the black badges help and it does grow on you. Either way, all nice trucks.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Was about to buy the 2" kit, but swapped to the 1.5" Will be on a LTZ w/6.2 and Z71 package.
  7. Look forward to hearing some sound clips when available. I will most likely be interested in the Touring sound level retaining the factory valance look. I don't dislike the quad tips, but not sure I like them better on a 4wd LTZ like mine.
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