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  1. I won’t go to them again or recommend them. I did not have a good experience after I paid them. Customer service is the key for me.
  2. I won’t go to them again or recommend them. I did not have a good experience after I paid them. Customer service is the key for me.
  3. I just moved to Dallas from Houston. It may take you a little time to scour what you’re looking for but they are out there. I found several in Texas when I was looking for my bumpers. It took me about a month but I’m on to paint to match bumpers next week. You may want to try offer up or let go apps. That’s where I found both of my bumpers
  4. True story.....in my ‘15 Denali 2WD 6.2, I burned a BMW on the light in the “business district” ? it’s a joy to own.
  5. Everyday I discover something that I didn’t know I had.
  6. In the simplest answer.....yes. I’ve owned a 5.3 for 9 years and 2 6.2s. I love the growl (with a K&N) and the pick up. At this time of year, with a new body style coming out, you should be able to steal a 6.2. I paid 38k for mine. SLT,fully loaded. The only option I didn’t have was a sunroof.
  7. Thanks Nasty & 204-WPG. I’m going to try and have them installed next week and see how the ride is. Nasty will the OEM Denali 22” wheel with Bridgestone 285/45/22 (?) work with my current set up? I have a guy that’s ready to sell a set but idk if I’ll rub.
  8. And thats why I really went to him. I was going to let him re-bag my '66 Caddy but after this.....uh, nah.....I'll pass. Not interested.
  9. I called them up and after a month of leaving voicemails, I finally got in contact with him. Told him what I had going on and that I didn't really want to be that low, as it seemed lower than what I asked for.....dude straight up told me, "that truck is not that low" I'm like dude Ive driven trucks everyday for the past 13 years, the truck is lower than a 2/5 drop.
  10. Plus the a**hole that owns the shop I went to doesn't seem to really want to help me get the right ride for my needs. I almost wish I never went to Reklez.
  11. I ordered new struts and shocks from Belltech. The shop I went to used MaxTrac kits for both. Honestly I'd like to be a true 2/5 but given what I've got, I'm trying to make it work with having a stiffer ride and being able to run a 22" wheel. I wanted 24's but that's just not practical for what I do with my truck at this time.
  12. Front is roughly 18". Rear is roughly 19 3/8". But I've had a couple beers so my hand may have been a little shaky.
  13. What measurements do you need? Top of tire to wheel well? Center of wheel to wheel well?
  14. Thanks Nasty, So I should be good to run the OEM Denali 22's with this drop? I can't figure out why its bottoming out so much if its truly a 5" drop in back
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