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  1. Under normal circumstances vibration problem would be tire related. This could be a case of Chevy Shake. The Dodge dealer may not even know of this phenomenon. If you do decide to buy this make sure the vibration is gone before you sign anything. In my case the vibration occurred above 60MPH and was felt in the center console and driver’s seat.
  2. Strong headwind or tailwind would sometimes make a difference for me,but not necessarily every time.
  3. Sounds like you might be out of luck due to the time period that elapsed. Mine did it from day one and I kept after them about it. I involved GM Customer Care because I was just following the steps in the owner's manual,talk to Service Manager,no joy talk to dealer management etc. and Customer Care was part of that progression even though from reading this particular thread and how they responded to other people on here I wasn't getting my hopes up with CC. Lemon Law was suggested by others on here so that ended up being the last step,they also mention it in the owner's manual. It's probably more difficult to get resolved if the problem doesn't show up until it's a year old or has 10000 miles on it etc. ,then they will try to blame it on any modifications that have been made
  4. You probably need to bump this up once in a while so it doesn't end up buried on the older pages.
  5. Update--Have a 2018 Silverado W/T regular cab longbed that had the dreaded shake above 60 MPH from day one. Did the dance with the dealership of replacing tires, vibration analysis etc. only to be told that everything was within specs, even though the vibration was still present. The dealership and GM Customer Care refused to buy the vehicle back or refund the purchase price so I contacted an online Lemon Law lawyer. New Jersey lemon law rules applied in this case. The lawyer sent several letters to GM and suggested taking a cash settlement from GM and keeping the truck as opposed to going to LL court for a full refund. After 1 lowball offer from GM ended up getting a check from them that amounted to about 20% of the MSRP, they were also responsible for paying the lawyer. After that I ended up trading it in on a base Ford F150 and didn't end up losing anything on depreciation due to what GM paid me. Also was a night and day difference with the way the Ford rides above 60 MPH compared to the Silverado. The Chevy had under 3000 miles when I traded it in. I'm done with GM after this episode. The LL part took about 2 months and the lawyer said he has handled hundreds of these cases.
  6. OK, I kinda thought that about all cab configurations which would nataurly come with all kinds of rims,wheel sizes etc. I read the first couple pages of this thread and all pages from 800 up to current page.
  7. Anyone have an opinion or experience where the 17 inch steel wheels are more prone to the vibration problem than aluminum rims ? I have a 2018 regular cab long bed Work Truck Silverado ,V6 that has had the vibration issue since day one with seats and center console when driving above 60 MPH. The original tires were RFB, 4 new tires were installed, PICO vibration test done etc on 3 different service visits. On the last service trip they had the truck for 10 days and when I picked it up the Service Manager said they tried rims and tires off a different truck and there was no vibration. When I asked him what the rims and tires were all he said was that they were aluminum rims. I got the spiel that has been mentioned many times on this forum about this being a known characteristic with this configuration of truck with steel rims,readings within spec etc. He said he would try to see if GM would allow aluminum rims but that he didn't think they would. I never did get a straight answer out of him about exactly what the rim was,whether it was the same size,off a new truck or used truck in their lot etc. Since that time he hasn't returned my calls so I have talked to GM customer service line 3 times and today I told them that I wanted to return the truck for a refund. I mentioned what the service manager said about aluminum rims and the customer service rep said she would talk to the dealership and also see about trying aluminum rims again. Not getting my hopes up here about them making aluminum rims available,if GM won't take the truck back next stop will be BBB and state Lemon Law. What he said about aluminum rims just sounded kinda shady to me because they only drove the truck about 2 miles on the highway and sometimes that's not far enough for the vibration to pop up. Vibration comes and goes and happens more than 50 % of the time. Just wanted to post and see if others have an opinion about aluminum rims Truck was purchased in December 2018 and has 1600 miles bumtruck
  8. Thanks for posting that. When you said at the end that you didn't know if the part numbers were different I went back to the beginning and it sounds like both parts numbers are the same.
  9. Was wondering with the vibration in your gas pedal, do you have a V6 or V8 motor ? Unhappy Camper-- are you saying that you get the vibration at different speeds ? I'm only seeing it on the highway at speeds above 60 mph,up to 60 it rides pretty smooth. I have V6 motor and V4 mode doesn't seem to cause any side effects so far.
  10. Got 4 new tires and the vibration is not as severe but it's still there,sometimes it does it over 60 mph on the highway and sometimes it doesn't. The main problem now is they gave me 4 "new" tires with 3 different manufacture dates. 2 tires have the same date and the other 2 tires have completely different dates. Originally they said GM would be providing 3 new tires under warranty status and they would try to get a 4th for Customer Satisfaction. I had made an afternoon appointment so I called in the morning to make sure the tires were in. The service writer wasn't sure and said he would call me right back. 2 hours went by so I called him back and he said the tires weren't in. No problem I said,I'm going to drop the truck off and leave it there and when the tires come in I'll come back later in the week and pick it up after they install them. About 10 minutes later he called back and said they "cross referenced" and that they have the tires in stock ! So I showed up for the scheduled appointment and they put the tires on. As I was signing the paperwork I asked the service writer if they road force balanced the tires and what the numbers were. He gave me a blank look and looked over at the Service Manager who went in the back and came out a minute later and said they did the RFB and the numbers were 10 or under.I asked if the tech took it for a ride and the service writer said some mumbo jumbo about the tires were installed safely and correctly. The truck actually rode pretty good on the 15 mile ride home. When I got home I noticed all the different dates on the tires and also on the service invoice the in/out mileage difference was only 1 mile so the truck never left the parking lot when they had it. My main concern now is that they just scrounged up whatever tires they could find in the back that were the same brand and size. Possibly problem tires from other new trucks that ended up back on the shelf somehow when they were replaced with new ones. I thought I would be getting 4 new tires with the same date from GM. Have to make another trip back there now,tell them there's still a problem and that I want 4 new tires that match,what kind of response do you think I'm going to get?
  11. Will post back in about 2 weeks when I get the new tires
  12. New member here--Just bought a new 2018 Silverado 1500 W/T model regular cab long bed. Got on the highway to take it home and it immediately started vibrating at about 63 mph and above,felt it in the steering wheel and the center console module. Doesn't always do it at that speed depending on the road surface texture but it does it more than half the time. Took it back in for service with about 200 miles showing on the odometer and they road force balanced the tires and told me to put a couple hundred more miles on it in case the tires needed to round back out from sitting on the dealer's lot,it was manufactured 3/18 and it has General Grabber HTS 255/70/17 tires. Service writer said if there's still a problem call them and they will order 3 new tires. I asked him why only 3 new tires instead of 4,doesn"t make sense to make sense to me. He said that 3 of the tires were near high end of limit but 4th tire wasn't and GM won't let them order it. Also looked like they had one of the "junior" mechanics working on it. I've put 250 miles on it since and there's still a problem so I'll have to call them and tell them to order the tires and probably have to argue about getting the 4th one. I've read the last 20 pages of this thread so I'm not getting my hopes up that new tires will solve the problem. Any suggestions on how to deal with this if the new tires don't do the trick? Also noticed that extended or crew cab models seem to be mentioned the most in the pages I've read. Does this problem seem to crop up in the regular cab long beds much ? Other than the vibration problem the truck is pretty much what I've expected for a low end trim model. Thanx, bumtruck ;
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