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  1. If you mean the AT RH-S, OEM tire, I'm about to replace mine at a little over 40,000 miles. Might get 42,000 out of them. I have the 18's, but I would think they would provide the same amount of miles regardless of size. Mine have been rotated every 5,000 miles since new, almost all road miles. Hope that helps.
  2. My understanding is Apple Car Play and Android Auto only work with mid-2016 builds and up because the radio/entertainment system was upgraded mid year. Yeah, that's a very basic explanation because it's all I know...I have no desire for that ability in my truck. Someone else with a little more knowledge chime in and explain what I'm trying to say, please.
  3. If you're asking me, I have never used my phone through the truck for navigation. My in dash nav works independently from my phone.
  4. I have a 2016 (built 2015) GMC Sierra SLE Z71 with the 8" screen, I only pay Onstar for the data package/wifi, and my navigation works fine. I'm not aware that the wifi package includes navigation, I also never asked as I've had nav since I bought the truck June of 2018. I know that when Onstar tries to upsell me, nav is one feature they always mention.
  5. I was planning the same thing you're planning. Once I did the research, saw the potential for issues with a level kit, factored in calibrating my speedometer/odometer, etc. I started thinking I'd stay stock size. Then I found a deal for Sumitomo Encounter HT's, 265/65/18, for $94/each with free shipping from Walmart.com. Looked at them on Tire Rack, high ratings, sold. Yep, street tires on my Z71. Truck is 95% on the pavement, occasionally on dirt roads. Simply decided it wasn't worth it to me to change size or mess with the front end geometry. Not saying street tires will work for you. I'm saying do your research and you will find a deal. Just takes time. And you'll get 100 different answers here. I suggest using Tire Rack's site to get a feel for what others think. Worked for me.
  6. Google says the average is about 13,500/year (11-18 figure). You bought it at about 13,800/year (allowing for the truck being 13 months old when purchased), so basically dead on average. If you only drive it 5,000/year, you'll have a well below average mileage truck if you ever sell it, which will bring you more money and make it sell faster. To me, you made a great purchase. Mine was well above average, and I drive above average, but I'm banking on the truck being good for 250,000-300,000 miles without anything major beyond suggested service. And, I really liked the one I found.
  7. 29,800 on a 2017? That's average for a 2 year old truck and below average for a 3 year old truck. Be happy with that. I bought my 2016 in June of 2018 with 64,000 and already put 40,000 on it. I would've loved to have only had 30,000 on mine.
  8. Actually, they were just checked 1,000 miles ago during the 100,000 mile service and I was told they are fine, no reason to replace. And, respectfully, given how many vehicles I have owned/driven, and that I maintained our construction company's fleet of trucks for 25 years of my life, I'm pretty sure I'd know if I was riding around on blown shocks. Reality is, and I've seen this posted here by other people, the Ranchos probably are not the best shock that could be used in the Z71 package, but they do serve their purpose just fine for some people. For others, they are total trash. I respect that.
  9. I totally understand what both of you are saying. However, my experience has not been like yours. I have a 2016 CCSB 4wd Z71 that doesn't show NHT code on the tag in the upper glove box. I bought it used with 64,000, now has 102,000 on what appears to be the original Ranchos running stock size tires with no suspension mods. I have a neighborhood I'm in frequently that has speed bumps, and I take them around 10-15 and think nothing of it. The truck handles them well enough that I wouldn't consider spending a dime on suspension because of speed bumps. My expectations might be different, my shocks might be set up different, I don't know. I just know speed bumps aren't a factor in my mind due to how my truck already handles them. Not saying the Ranchos are great shocks, just wanted some input (that has been given, thanks!) as to why I keep seeing speed bumps mentioned in these threads.
  10. I'll give/agree with you on everything except, respectfully, speed bumps. Speed bumps serve only 1 purpose: to make you slow way down. They're basically only in high foot traffic areas (shopping malls, neighborhoods, occasionally office buildings, schools). And that's pretty much my point: I can't see any reason to let speed bumps be a factor in a suspension discussion. When I have hit a speed bump and the truck has reacted badly, I've always blamed my speed and never my suspension as I doubt suspensions are designed around taking a speed bump at speed.
  11. Question: almost everyone I see post about new shocks, 5100's especially, say something like "it's so much better over speed bumps". How fast are you guys going over speed bumps? I slow down and take it easy, and expect to feel that bump. And how much time are you spending going over speed bumps that it even matters? To me, how any vehicle handles a speed bump is a function of how fast the driver goes over it and shouldn't be a factor at all in changing shocks.
  12. I don't use Android Auto (and will probably never own an iphone), but I have had the entire system freeze twice since I bought the truck used 6-2018. The 2nd time, I called GM's Infotainment help folks through Onstar (called Onstar, they transferred me over). I literally was told this happens sometimes, the easiest solution is to turn the truck off for about 5 minutes and it will reset. When I called it was frozen and I was driving. So, I made a pit stop, when I started back up it was fine. Yes, crappy response but it is a simple fix and lines up with the OP's statements that the next time he drove it, everything worked. I know some of you won't agree, but it's like anything else on any car/truck on the road: the more frills you put in, the more chances that something will fail. Just a fact of life on a mass produced vehicle. NOT saying I like it, just that I recognize it.
  13. Thanks, the first two are what I figured, but I really appreciate the confirmation. I'm pretty sure I can find a ring. Odd thing is (to me), on Dorman's site, most of the fobs show a ring. Well, maybe I am going to buy the upgraded fob and wind up with 3. We'll see.
  14. A few questios: Does the Dorman fob come with a key ring on it? The pics don't show one, and I want to be able to attach my key to the fob. Not a big deal. Also, can the programmer be bought separately? I don't think so. I'd like to have the nicer looking fob than the standard all black like the one I already have. And, I'm not going to buy the kit and not use the provided fob as this, also, is not a big deal.
  15. I really appreciate your reply. I actually found that thread after asking the question, and am researching the best price. Looks like Rock Auto is close to half of everyone else I can find, for those of you looking to purchase one of these.
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