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  1. My understanding is all GM liners are cut out around the gas pedal. You have to go after market to get true full coverage. I'm looking at Husky fronts and GM rear just because I can get the GM rear liner cheaper, and it'll fit better to my under seat storage tray.
  2. Bought a set of these, stock size, in September for my 2016 Sierra. $94/each on Walmart.com, and they were the #2 rated tire on Tire Rack at the time behind only the Michelin Defender. Didn't have them installed until mid December because I didn't need to. Great tire for what I need.
  3. I am very happy with mine, but it is a soft fold and different from the one you're looking at. I have no fitment issues, seals up very well. None of these are 100% water proof. I've noticed no real leaks in the bed during or after big storms.
  4. When you say didn't work, would it not load? I updated to 2020 as well. It loaded fine, but didn't find the test address in Detroit I was given.
  5. Thank you for the pics and the info/answers to Jim's questions. My Sierra is silver, so this is an almost dead match. Looks nice! Just gotta decide if I'm doing it or not now.
  6. Are your tires stock size, and your only suspension mod the rear block removal? If so, could you post a straight on side view pic? I'm thinking about taking the block out of my 2016 Sierra. Even though I have 18's, the overall size is basically the same.
  7. Crap, was literally getting ready to ask about the swing case. If anything happens, let me know.
  8. When I was looking, it came down to both sizes of GM trucks and the Tacoma. Like you originally said, couldn't justify paying the same money/more money for 2 trucks outfitted the same, but different sizes. Moved forward with a Sierra Crew Cab and have never looked back. If the Tacoma/Canyon/Colorado had been $5,000 or so less, maybe.
  9. I have had one on multiple vehicles over the years, never noticed any additional wear and tear because of it. I use a college logo metal one, so it actually doesn't seal up like the one in your link does (I don't think). I just think it looks better.
  10. The 2 options you've given, and the 1 you own, are 3 different trucks. In fact, you state that the Tundra has a low towing weight and not much technology, so comparing it to a 2500 LTZ is really apples and oranges. Here's what I'd be wondering about each truck if I were you: Are you sure you can't live with the shudder in your 1500? If not, gotta go (which is what you've said, just asking). Are you going to be happy driving the very outdated and under optioned Tundra for 10 years? I doubt I would, plus I think it's one of the ugliest trucks on the market. Do you need the additional size/towing capability/etc that you're paying extra for on the 2500? If you do, great, but if you don't you're spending extra money for no functional reason. How about a 2020 1500? 2nd year, not first, probably better price than the 2500, new body style.
  11. This is just an update for the in dash navigation, not the Onstar version. I wasn't aware the in dash version could be deactivated.
  12. That's what I thought, just wanted to confirm. Really not interested in the android update, but the rear camera update has me thinking...
  13. Upgraded the in-dash navigation with the 2020 usb stick. Wasn't going to do it, but the 2019 was reduced to $99, and I had built up $50 in GM Rewards points, so I figured for $50 I would. When I picked it up, they gave me the 2020 version.
  14. My 2016 has Apple Carplay as an option under settings on the screen. I have an Android phone, so I've never used this, nor have I added Android play. Questions is, since Apple Carplay is an option, does that mean I have the 2.5 HMI?
  15. Put new tires on: Sumitomo Encounter HT's, stock size. Finally decided to just leave it stock and have fewer potential headaches.
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