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  1. That's a great buy! I can't find them anywhere except retail. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Midnight Edition Mods

    Does the ME come with the GM offroad nerf bar/steps? If so, anyone replaced them with something else and not sold them? A lot of nice looking trucks in this thread! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. What hard covers allow access to the front of the bed by flipping the front panel back besides the factory cover? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. Is the deal local to you, or from a retailer? I like those as well, but they're hard to find under $600. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  5. I drove 2 Yukon XL's, 4wd, SLT from 2001 - 2013. Recently got a 2016 Sierra Crew Cab Z71 SLE, but it does have leather and a fair amount of the frills. Definitely as nice as my Yukon XL's other than no DVD system, which I don't need anymore. My kids are gone (youngest in college), so it's just me, the wife, and the dog. In my area, I deal with more ice in the winter than snow, and only for a few months. Make numerous 3 hour trips to the coast. To me, my Sierra cab is every bit as nice and comfortable as any SUV I've ever owned. We go out with friends of ours who have a 2wd Silverado double cab, always take mine (get the crew cab). My parents are convinced it rides as good as a new Suburban that their friend, the GM dealership owner, drives and takes them out in. At this point in my life, I will only own a 4 door truck in a vehicle this size. Gas mileage difference is irrelevant, they're both bad around town and decent on the highway for what they are. I can throw anything I want in the bed and not care about damage to the nice interior of a Yukon/Suburban. The stereo is more than nice enough to make my ears bleed (I like loud music). I don't hunt, I'm not a 4wheeler. I am involved in real estate, so 4wd and a truck bed are valuable to me. I drive a lot (16,000 miles the first 6 months I owned the truck, and bought it used). I have a truck box, not a bed cover (came on the truck), so I use it as a trunk. Works for me, it's a deep box. No bed lining, a bed mat. Not sure how all of this compares to your situation, but that's my .02. I hope it helps.
  6. Yeah, that is odd. I had a 95 Yukon (1st year), 2001 Yukon XL, 2006 Yukon XL, and have bought/used for our construction company (subcontractor) 20+ GM 3/4 ton trucks and have never changed shocks for any reason under 100,000 miles (I managed our fleet). The Yukons were all sold with 125,000+ on them, stock shocks. The trucks were constantly on jobsites at full weight capacity, 2wd, and rarely if ever broke a shock. This was a mix of standard cab 8' bed and crew cab 8' bed trucks. Granted, they weren't all Ranchos, and over the years we did replace some high mileage shocks. It just seems like, given the much higher number of vehicles and the much more abusive treatment my fleet went through, I would've run into trouble if GM were putting cheap shocks on their trucks. But, maybe I was just lucky and you weren't. Who knows? I totally agree, though, if I had had 3 trucks with leaking shocks in 7000 miles or less, I wouldn't trust them either. Frankly, I wouldn't have bought the same truck with the same shock the 3rd time after it happened twice.
  7. When you say all 3 sets "went out" on you in less than 7000 miles, what do you mean "went out"? Did they literally break and leak? I ask because my stock Ranchos, with 81,000 on them, perform fine for my needs so 3 sets going out in 7000 miles is surprising to me. And yes, I've done suspension mods on other vehicles, understand how shocks work, etc. I'm no expert, but I understand the basics.
  8. Not true. I bought my Z71 used because it had 4wd (wasn't buying a 2wd), was in my budget, and I liked the truck. Really didn't care about the Z71 beyond it being 4wd. I'm not planning to go offroad 4wheeling, just want 4wd for the few times I need it due to weather or work. And, I've seen numerous comments on this site in the short time I've been here from people buying Z71 for appearance reasons (color matched trim, I think). Not meaning to be rude to you at all, but you really can't make a massive generalization like that and ever be accurate. I'm positive there are numerous Z71 lifted trucks on this site that are mainly pavement queens. Nothing wrong with that, it's the owner's choice, and they are still very good looking trucks.
  9. Did you have 2 sets? In your other add, you said you traded chrome for black.
  10. Different question than the pole, so forgive me OP: why does everyone keep saying Tenneco Rancho instead of just Rancho? I know Tenneco is the parent company to Rancho, but why the use of both? Is the OEM Rancho a different product than what can be purchased under the Rancho name retail?
  11. I've had the displeasure of running SRA's on 2 different Jeeps (never on a truck). My experience with both is they were low mileage street tires at best. Neither set made it past 30,000 miles. Both sets were used for a little 4wd and some winter weather, very unimpressed. I could get where I wanted to go, but I felt like the tires were just there and not really helping out. If you're not going to replace them, simply drive slow and smart in snow. You will be fine.
  12. Take it back to the dealer, they should respond to all of your issues since you just bought it.
  13. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Did you delete your picture?

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