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  1. Due to the current amount of lift, and the wheel position, keep them for the function if that's the only change you're considering. If you're looking to do more than remove the flares, get the wheels back inside the fenders, pull the flares, clean up where they were, and consider something other than a solid black wheel. It'll look like an entirely different truck with just those changes and the roll bar gone. Good luck!
  2. I bought used, had the option of a 5.3 Sierra or a 6.2 Sierra within 30 minutes of each other. I use my truck mainly on the road, but being in real estate it's nice having the 4wd option and a bed to throw signs in where the dirt and mud won't really matter. I chose the 5.3 because I don't need the 6.2, I don't want to pay for premium gas (and if it's recommended, I'm going to use it), and bottom line the 5.3 is cheaper overall. It has all the power I need given I will rarely ever haul anything. Sounds to me like you're buying a truck for the same basic reason I did: to drive a truck. Given that, even though I prefer the GMC (front end especially), I would suggest you buy the Chevy. Less purchase money, less gas money, same ability to handle what you want it for since you're not talking about hauling trailers or needing the 6.2. Heck, although it's not a lot, your insurance and property taxes (based on $$ value) will actually be a little less as well. And, to me, the final reason: white is far easier to keep clean than black. Nothing uglier than a dirty black vehicle with swirl marks. Hope that helps, good luck!
  3. Road Trip Mods?

    How many people, what age kids?
  4. Do all of the stock wheels have the same offset? If so, seems like any 33" x 10.8 would work on a stock set up (I have 18's).
  5. Dang boys, I've got over 92,000 on my 2016. You need to drive more
  6. Take it off for the trip and decide how you like it off. If you don't like it, put it back on when you get home. A trip from NJ to OBX will answer all of your questions about mpg, clearance in the sand, etc.
  7. When I was messing with a Jeep, I found online a diagram of the front end suspension. It was simply a couple of pictures from under the truck, and each component had been outlined in different colors with each part name in a color coded list. Made it very easy for this novice to understand front end parts and geometry. Does anyone know of a similar diagram/picture for our trucks? I've googled it and mostly found exploded parts diagrams from various suppliers.
  8. I stepped outside and sighted down both sides of my 2016 CC...all 4 doors sit flush like the pics of your white truck. In the end, you're the one that has to be happy, but I would be very upset about it. Hate that happened to you.
  9. I hate to post this, but I'm going to: if it was my truck, I would have already told them they had 3 options: 1. Fix it to look like the white one and every other one on their lot. 2. Have their GM rep meet with you at the dealership to explain GM's opinion of the quality of that build and the responses you're getting from the dealer. 3. Provide a full refund. I am not ragging on you at all. What's happening sucks, and you should be made whole via one of those options in my opinion.
  10. 15" wide (parallel to the truck) 4" deep (perpendicular to the truck) Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. Here's a pic showing the HDX's.
  12. Yes, there is a 3 step version that runs wheel to wheel.
  13. Front step is a little over 15" wide, rear is over 11" wide (I don't remember the exact dimension from my research). Getting in and out, I have yet to literally put my entire foot on the step tread. I think you'd be fine, but I would suggest finding a retail source for these and take a look at them first given your shoe size.

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