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  1. Thanks guys. I did some reading on scrub radius and dug up some interesting info. I'm not so concerned with fit, more so with tire wear and handling. From what I read I can't see the minimal increase in scrub radius making much if any difference at all, especially if I went with a wheel similar to Dirtbiker's +18 setup. Interesting that GM ended up with a setup that gives 0 scrub radius. Seems lots of vehicles have positive scrub designed in.
  2. Lot's of threads on here about tires, and what are the largest you can fit in your wheel wells, but I don't see a lot about wheels and wheel fitment. I'm toying with the idea of getting new wheels for the Sierra, but any wheels I find that I like are quite a ways out of factory spec for offset. I found a great resource to explain wheel specs and fitment on-line at "wheel-size. com". They recommend trying to stay as close to OEM offset as you can. From what I can see, ( at least in my case) the main reason would be to reduce the scrub radius of the tire. Any comment on what changing the scrub radius is going to do as far as handling and tire wear? (My example would be stepping up very slightly in tire size to 275/70 18 and going to a rim that was 18X9 with an offset of 0.) Looking around, I find very few aftermarket wheels with the factory offset of 44mm. Hard enough to find something close to 20. Is this because most folks looking to the aftermarket are looking for larger, fatter tires that will require wider wheels and therefore different offset to keep things in the right place? Thanks, LRJ
  3. Havok HS3s. I really like them. 3" tube ( a little beefier than NFABS), stainless and powder coated. Specific to the DEF tank and an easy install. They also make an HS2, cab length without the box step. Personally I like the extra length.
  4. A whack of plastic "chrome" here too. Cover a bunch of that and doing a complete debadging will go a long way to easier maintenance.
  5. My 04 Superduty's bumpers were still sparkling when it left a couple months ago. Never had an issue with them. I hope the Sierra holds up that well. I can live with the bumper but I gotta do something with the grille and surround. Not sure yet. Billet insert, plastidip, or maybe even Linex. Really like the metallic blue, it was definitely a contender when I bought my Sierra.
  6. OK, love the trucks and love the look of colour matched bumpers but I gotta ask. Never having owned one, aren't those huge colour matched bumpers not a total PITA in regards to stone chips and bugs?
  7. Any pictures of alternatives? OP, Nice truck BTW. I changed out of a white truck after 14 years. Two months in, I'm already kinda regretting it. White was much less work!!
  8. New here, with a new 2018 Sierra 3500HD. Bone stock for now, but always looking for ideas. I'd like to bring the front end up just a touch and add some bigger tires.
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