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  1. A whack of plastic "chrome" here too. Cover a bunch of that and doing a complete debadging will go a long way to easier maintenance.
  2. My 04 Superduty's bumpers were still sparkling when it left a couple months ago. Never had an issue with them. I hope the Sierra holds up that well. I can live with the bumper but I gotta do something with the grille and surround. Not sure yet. Billet insert, plastidip, or maybe even Linex. Really like the metallic blue, it was definitely a contender when I bought my Sierra.
  3. OK, love the trucks and love the look of colour matched bumpers but I gotta ask. Never having owned one, aren't those huge colour matched bumpers not a total PITA in regards to stone chips and bugs?
  4. Any pictures of alternatives? OP, Nice truck BTW. I changed out of a white truck after 14 years. Two months in, I'm already kinda regretting it. White was much less work!!
  5. New here, with a new 2018 Sierra 3500HD. Bone stock for now, but always looking for ideas. I'd like to bring the front end up just a touch and add some bigger tires.

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