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  1. 20" x10" rim confusion

    I have continued to research wheels and I had a couple of additional questions, hopefully someone can help with. First question is: If I want a flush set up should I go down to a 20x9" wheel to get the correct offset? Every 20x10, even the fuels mentioned, are all negative offset, the fuels go down to -12. I cannot find anything at 0 or closer to 0 than the fuels. I have looked on the custom offsets web page and cant understand everything but Im narrowing some stuff down, Also are some tires with the same sizes written on them thicker or thinner. If my tire overhangs the wheel 1/8th to 1/4" Im ok with that but I dont want anymore. HELP! I just want to order some wheels and tires that fit. lol
  2. 20" x10" rim confusion

    Im trying to buy some wheels and tires for my truck. Im looking for something that is flush or maybe 1/4" out. I have looked for days at online pictures, been to the offset customs website and Im still baffled. It seems as if all 20 x 10 wheels have -24 offset. How do I go about finding a brand that make something with less offset or still gets me flush with -24 offset. Im sure that I am missing something, I just cant figure out what it is. Your help is appreciated.
  3. I seen the thread and I really liked the work. I may have to borrow your idea if you dont mind. What sub and amp did you go with?
  4. Although I can see myself falling into the trap of more and more audio stuff, Im trying to do this as easy as possible. I just want to do 1 sub amp if possible. If everyone think it will sound like mud, I may go ahead with another amp but only if I have to. Is everyone running power up one side and RCA's up the other? Anyone built a bandpass box that fits? Thanks for your help.
  5. That helps. I wonder if the dash speakers need to be a little bigger, different tweeter or something. If the doors sounded better, one would think the dash should as well. Hmmmm.. Thanks for your help. Did you build a box or buy one the prebuilt subs with the box that fits under the seat?
  6. I have an 18 LT 1500 and Im planning to add a sub. I also want to upgrade the factory speakers but they will only be powered by the factory deck. Would anyone recommend spending money on new speakers or is there no benefit if they arent powered by an amp? I was hoping to keep it simple and run 1 amp for a sub. Thank you
  7. Bilstein shocks thread

    Noob question: I need about 2.5" lift in the front of my 18 LT. I am planning on purchasing a set of Bilstein 5100's and I'm wondering who makes a leveling kit that will raise the vehicle about 1.25 to get the height 2.5" I need? Thought it would be easier on the shock not running it at the absolute top, but I don't know much about this stuff so bare with me. My end goal is to install some 20" wheels with 33-34" tires.. Thanks

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