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  1. New to GMT900s! Question about the Z49 RPO code?

    I was pleasantly surprised to see a tracker for the trans temp on my truck - I’ve been meaning to put a guage in my ‘88 to see how hot the trans gets while offroading, so it’s a cool little feature to come stock!
  2. New to GMT900s! Question about the Z49 RPO code?

    Here’s my sticker, also has the maple leaf... looks like it’s definitely a Canadian truck. Personally I find that cool, adds to the story for me. My hours meter, if I recall, seems to be at 3500 or so, no clue if thats reasonable at 88k miles. If I can get a VIN history check and run it as a Canadian VIN, I’m curious to see where it was sold and when it came back to the US.
  3. New to GMT900s! Question about the Z49 RPO code?

    Interesting, looks like I have the block heater too - never even thought to look in the engine bay for one. Do you happen to know how ‘Canadian base equipment’ differs from an American truck? Guessing my speedo is altered since MPH is highlighted and KPH is in smaller lettering... wonder if anything else is different.
  4. New to GMT900s! Question about the Z49 RPO code?

    Here is my RPO sheet that matches my VIN... so I don’t believe it was a work truck was somebody upgraded...
  5. New to GMT900s! Question about the Z49 RPO code?

    The mileage checks out on both the dealer end and the history report I saw... RPO sheet matches up as well - for example, the Z71 code is listed. I was wondering if the ‘Canadian Export’ RPO code I’m seeing is affecting the VIN? Not saying I don’t believe y’all, but I’m hard pressed to believe somebody bought a 2009 work truck and swapped the 4.8 to a 5.3, the cloth bench seat to heated leather captains seats, added factory remote start, added the Bose package... you get my drift. I will see if I can’t get a picture of the RPO sheet tonight, as I’m driving my ‘88 today.
  6. So last week I picked up my first GMT900, a 2009 Silverado extended cab Z71 LTZ with 88k. Today I purused my RPO sheet to see some of the options I have, and my sheet has the Z49 code, which after some research appears to be a Canadian export and emissions code? However, my speedometer is in MPH (with smaller kph), my mileage is in gallons, and I don’t have the block heater that apparently Canadian models are supposed to have. Additionally, I searched the VIN online to see if my truck was indeed sold in Canada. However, the report (as well as the dealer ad I bought it from) lists my truck as a work truck model, with a 4.8 engine instead of a 5.3, and without the Z71 package... If anyone could shed some light both on what the Z49 package is and why my VIN shows a base model instead of an LTZ that would be appreciated!!

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