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  1. I will be selling my Sierra AT4 wheels and tires in the coming weeks. Located in Sarasota FL. Perfect condition, 1600 miles on them. I will be driving up to Georgia in 2 week and could meet up close to I75 between sarasota and Tifton. $1500
  2. Will do. The shop told me they might have time this Friday to install. If not next week Monday for sure. Not sure about warranty.
  3. I ordered the same level!! Arrived yesterday, trying to get it installed in the next couple days! After that I’ll order some 20x9 wheels and 295/60r20 tires.
  4. Even dealerships installing 2 inch levels on top of the 2 inch GM lift now. Wondering how bad it really is. Since it states not meant for AT4
  5. At this point I don’t even care who’s coming out with it. Whoever releases either a 2 inch level or a 3/1 lift gets my business lol.
  6. Fabtech and Rough Country both released their “4” inch lift kits specifically for the AT4 and trailboss. “4” because it lifts it 4, but it sits like a 6 inch. Fabtech said they’re not going to release just a level, rough country said later in the year... not sure what ready lift will provide. The 6 inch lift isn’t a option for me. So I guess I keep waiting.
  7. So I’m just wondering if any AT4 owners or people with the 2inch factory lift changed their wheels yet. I was thinking to get some 20x9 +1 offset and 35x12 tires. On the Fuel Homepage that’s the setup they’re advertising on a AT4 when looking at the Assault wheel. Any info would be appreciated
  8. Decided to create account since my pictures have been posted on here I think it was cool, and a easy way to get to millions of people.
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