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  1. Raptor-Style Amber Grill Lights

    What are those lights that you used in the grille? Great looking rig.
  2. KCHilites Cyclone

    Sounds good, thanks!
  3. KCHilites Cyclone

    Could you post a picture of what the view looking back looks like with and without them on with the reverse lights? I know they're hardwired in, but maybe use a cardboard box to block them?
  4. LED Aftermarket Reverse Lights / Pods

    What lights are those?
  5. What’s some ideas?

    Color match door handles, even, you could try plastidipping the wheels black to see if you like it, remove chrome mirror caps and chrome side trim on doors, I would remove those monster running boards completely or replace them with lower profile black ones. Or you could keep most of the chrome because you have a chrome grille.

    That's true, it sucked making brackets for light bars to fit behind the grille and in front of the radiator fins on my '18. About 1/16 inch of clearance and they're symmetrically positioned.

    I love the look of the clear turn signals and sidemarkers, but I don't know if I feel like opening it up and resealing it. The way you make that permaseal sound is like the gasket on the heads of my dad's 01 Duramax when we did headgaskets on it. It was a PITA to get it perfectly cleaned out of a small groove that ran the perimeter of the heads.

    Did you do the Klearz swap yourself? If so, how was the process?
  9. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Floor looks naked, needs some liners lol. I put Husky x-act contour in mine.
  10. Light bar/ Aux Light switches

    Nice install. I made some brackets for my 18 Silverado and used Diode Dynamics 6 inch bars. Bottom 2 have are on 1 switch and the top is on a different switch.
  11. How tall are those tires?
  12. What have you done to your K2 today?

    I made custom mounts and used Diode Dynamics 6 inch bars on my '18 with AGS. They're 3 inches deep, so it's kind of tight on clearance, I wouldn't go any deeper for a LED light. Sorry for bad pic quality. Bottoms are wide lens, top is driving. I'm going to switch the bottom lenses back over to amber when it's not so cold outside. I didn't trim anything to make them fit. The custom mounts took.. a while to get right. I chopped the mounts down and that came with the lights so I could still adjust them vertically. Welded the chopped mounts to my brackets. The bottom fogs and top driving are on their own switches. I plan on using that OE style light control switch for fogs/offroad lights to control these.
  13. 2 bottom lights are wide lens "fog" lights. Top is driving beam. The fogs have a very wide beam pattern and are brighter than OEM fog lamps. The driving beam is shaped like a cone with pretty even light distribution throughout it. Sorry for the potato quality, my phone camera doesn't focus anymore and the glass lens covering it is shattered. I had between 1/16 and 1/8 inch between the shutters closing and my fogs. The driving beam sits in that open pocket above the bow tie where there is no shutter. I plan on getting that OE style light switch with fog and offroad light control. Right now the fogs are on their own switch and the driving is on its own.
  14. At work right now, I'll get pictures in a couple hours when I get home.
  15. I fit 3 Diode Dynamic 6 inch light bars in mine without trimming. Its tight though.

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