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  1. Not sure how the bottom side of the rocker looks like in conjunction with the steps, but on my truck I plan on running a LED light strip inside of a black anodized housing(to match my jet black paint close enough), sealing it with clear RTV silicone, and using 3M automotive tape to hold it on on the very bottom edge of the rocker panel for most of the length of it on each side. That's just what I plan on doing with mine and thought I'd throw it out there since what you want is kinda similar.
  2. Bully Hitch Step

    I made my own hitch that I plan to use if I need to tow anyone. Took some 1/4 wall square tube and welded 1/2 inch thick plates onto 2 sides of it with a 1 1/16 inch hole running through both. Bought a grade 8 1" hitch pin to secure the tow strap I bought to the hitch. Works as a step too. Free except for the pin and strap for me as I work in a fab shop lol.
  3. Active grill shutter system removal

    What's the throw like on that top bar? I have a Diode Dynamics 6 inch bar where you have that one and it basically doubles the headlight output on high beams. I'd like to fit something wider in there though.
  4. LTZ grill on WT

    LTZ headlight swap or Clearz would look great on that
  5. Muffler swap with J pipe

    I just don't want to drop the money on a full cat back system. Rather either swap mufflers and/or delete muffler. If there's drone I would put a J pipe in ahead of the current muffler location.
  6. Muffler swap with J pipe

    I've seen it talked about elsewhere, but does using the OBD2 module affect the warranty?
  7. Looking to get more rumble out of my '18 5.3 without drone or V4 chop. Thought about either deleting the muffler and adding a J pipe to reduce/eliminate any drone in the 1300-1800 range or swapping the muffler for more open design, thought something from flowmaster, borla, or magnaflow in addition to the J pipe. I'd like to not mess with AFM though. Any thoughts on the effectiveness of a J pipe or mufflers that would give that bit of rumble on acceleration and startup?
  8. 2017 LED light bar

    Diode dynamics 6" bars. Swappable lenses. I had to custom fab my own brackets for them. Bottom 2 are on a single switch, top is by itself. Run the bottoms on "wide" fog type lenses (amber right now) since my truck doesn't have OE fog lights. Might be able to fit their larger 12 or 18" bar on bottom without trimming.
  9. Blackout badges

    I don't know what I want to do with badges on mine. It's a jet black '18 CCSB WT Custom (22" black wheels) 4x4. Darn near everything is black except the badges, headlights and tails, 3rd brake, and the lenses on the light bars behind the grille.
  10. $50 and under modifications

    You decide what muffler you're getting? I want a little deeper rumble, enough to hear it on startup and accelerating. Not going to disable AFM though and I dont want an obnoxious chop. I can find Borlas for around 100 on ebay and I can cut and weld it, but I dont want to swap between multiple setups to find what I like.
  11. Borla part #

    https://www.borla.com/products/xr1.html They offer the XR1 in 3.5 inch.
  12. Borla part #

  13. I used the bottom 3 bolt holes in this diagram to mount the bottom two lights. The center one connects to the insides of both lights. I used the top 2 on either side of the center post at the top for the top light. The bottom ones are hidden behind that flexible plastic cowl which comes off with the grille. I tried to keep the brackets as tight to the shutter body as I could between the bolts and the lights. I used 1/8" by 1" wide steel plate to make the brackets. Chopped the light mounts from Diode Dynamics down to weld them onto the brackets I made to make it fit easier. I'd like to make new brackets out of bent pieces of steel instead of my v1.0 welded ones. Also would love it if they made a curved 18 inch bar with the outer 2 lights on one switch and the middle on its own. That would probably give me enough room to keep all 3 lights together on the bottom and keep my fog lights separate from my flood/driving. Also need to figure out how I can add aux reverse lights and good places to put puddle lights under the cab. And eventually get around to putting footwell lights in. 🤔
  14. Highway Tires vs AT Question

    My '18 Silverado Custom 4x4 has 285-45r22 and they dont rub on stock suspension. It's a little over a 32 inch tire. I would've thought 275-60r20 would fit since it's not as wide even though it's a tad taller.
  15. Raptor-Style Amber Grill Lights

    What are those lights that you used in the grille? Great looking rig.

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