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  1. Ok so I added 1/2 quart this morning and barely saw anything register on the dipstick. I drove to work (about 30 min drive) and after work I checked the oil after it had been sitting all day. The dipstick not only registered the oil, but it was over the upper limit. Will a 1/2 quart extra do any damage or do I need to drain some out before driving? I've attached a photo of the oil mark.
  2. I recently completed my first oil change in my 2019 Silverado LT with a 5.3 V8. After reading in the owner's manual that the capacity is 8 quarts, I put exaclty that into the engine. I waited about 30 minutes for the oil to settle and read the dipstick, but the the oil level did not register on the dipstick. The factory (or dealer) put enough oil in to register halfway up the dipstick, but they must have put 9 or 10 quarts in order to do this. My question is what could be going on? Do I fill the oil up to an acceptable level on the dipstick and run the risk of damage to the engine by runn
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