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  1. Rough Country lift... Yes or No

    The 4” lift is for the AT4/TrailBoss. Your profile pic is of a LTZ or LT. Just wanted you to know. Your options with RC are either a 6” lift or 3” lift. I’ve heard good things about the 4-6” lifts for the 2019’s. Unless you’re doing some serious off-roading, the RC should be fine, otherwise look at BDS.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh6MkpG0mZc What rough country told you is incorrect. In the video above, the Arkon Lincoln 20x10 -25 offset, w/ 4.52 backspacing didn't fit. The Method MR701 17x18.5 0 offset, w/ 4.75 did fit. Also, they make the Hoss 2 in a 0 offset, that has 5.0 backspacing. I'm wondering if that is what they're running on the white AT4 on their website (12mm of offset difference is less than 1/2inch of width). edit* upon further looking, they're definitely not running the 0 offset. So IDK lol
  3. customoffsets.com has thousands of wheels, and they list the backspacing as well. On a 20x10 negative 18-25 offset, backspacing can vary from 4.5 up to 5+. gothp28 is correct, 4.7 and above seems to be needed with the new calipers. I personally like the new Fuel Rebel and Fuel Blitz, both come in solid black (20x10 -18 offset)
  4. Lets talk 4WD lifts! (6 inch and up)

    So how would you analyze my wife? She drives an Escalade now, and wants to trade it in for a Silverado and lift it? FWIW we both have Masters degrees
  5. Ah, ok. Saw kit in your post and assumed lift kit. I bet Bilstein will eventually come out with 5100’s, which on the K2 could level the front end. Not sure if they’ll come out with one that’ll work on the trailboss/at4.
  6. I highly doubt those w/ 35” tires will fit a tb/at4 with just a level. Contact customoffsets.com (they created that wheel brand) and they’ll let you know. I’d guess you’ll need the 4” lift from either rough country or fabtech.
  7. Both fabtech and rough country have 4”lifts for the tb/at4 (making total lift 6”)
  8. $7000 off msrp

    Yeah, Bolivar (about 2 hours south of you)
  9. $7000 off msrp

    Father’s Day 2018 they ran 25% off msrp. Not sure if that was a Missouri thing or not.
  10. For those w/ a 6" lift and 35's, what is the overall height of your truck (assuming the dorsal fin antenna being the highest point). Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks for the info. Your truck looks great!
  12. Hard to tell, but you had to do some metal cutting or just cutting of the liner?
  13. Where is it rubbing at?
  14. Looks like fabtech released a 4" lift for the Trailboss/AT4 https://fabtechmotorsports.com/product-category/chevy-gmc/4wd/k1500/2019-trail-boss-at4/4-inch-systems-2019-trail-boss-at4/basic-systems-4-inch-systems-2019-trail-boss-at4/

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