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    2019 Trailboss LT
  1. Gm performance exhaust

    There is very minimal drone. It is not too loud in the cab at all. No need to scream to passengers or turn up radio. It has the best sound with minimal drone look up all the different series on their website. This is mine.
  2. Gm performance exhaust

    5.3 Check out what I'm selling on letgo! - 2019 Chevrolet Silverado Performance Exhaust https://letgo.onelink.me/O2PG/f01de043
  3. Gm performance exhaust

    Interesting. Either way I don’t like the way it sounded. Very muffled. If anyone is interest in buying it I have it sitting in my garage make me an offer.
  4. Gm performance exhaust

    Thanks I have the 5.3 I’m sure they make it for both.
  5. Gm performance exhaust

    The dealer told me when I bought my trailboss it was not made by Borla. Not sure what a pedal commander is who makes it?
  6. Gm performance exhaust

    Go to your local muffler shop and switch it out for a flowmaster or magna flow. Or if you want to pay over 1000$ you can get a Borla or Corsa. The “Chevy Performance” exhaust is a rip off. It is not made by Borla as someone else said. I went with flowmaster super 44 series. Love it.
  7. Gm performance exhaust

    Yea do it. I was highly disappointed with it. Especially since they’re charging 1500 for it. I didn’t want it on the truck but the dealer wouldn’t take it off I had to buy as equipped. I put a flowmaster super 44 and it sounds way better.
  8. Gm performance exhaust

    It’s made by neither. I thought it was Borla too. That comes on the Tahoe RST only not the one for Silverado’s. It’s a rip off it sounds weak and muffled.
  9. Gm performance exhaust

    It will sound like shit.
  10. Gm performance exhaust

    I have the 5.3. Spend money on something way better. If you want something quieter I’d go with like a manga flow. My friend has that. I’m telling you though don’t spend on the Chevy Exaust it’s restrictive.
  11. Gm performance exhaust

    Do not purchase chevys “performance exhaust”. My 19 Trailboss came with it and it sucks. It’s muffled and sounds closer to a stock exhaust. I went with flowmaster super 44 series and it sounds great. I have the muffler if someone wants to buy it if you want a muffled exhaust.

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