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  1. I have 2 output shafts form 4L60e transmissions. One is from an 99 and the other from an 03. I didn't pay enough attention to which came from where. The rear planetary shattered so I'm using the best parts from each to make one. I am pretty sure I want the one on the top. Would someone confirm it for me please. The differences are the one on the top - The input end splines are shorter - The middle splines have a snap ring grove in them - It's ~ 1/32" longer Thanks
  2. I'll give the shafts a diligent inspection. Made myself up a spring compressor to pull out the low-reverse piston. Looks like metal got around it and the case is shot. So now I'm rebuilding the 99 instead of the 03. Which isn't an issue except for two things. I have a new EPC solenoid and separator plate for the 03. It appears that the separator plate changed when the valve body casting was updated. I am not seeing any differences in passages on the case. I am not finding anywhere in the ATSG update manual a case update. As a result I believe I can use the 03 valve body, plate, epc, and harness on the 99 case. Am I correct? Thanks again
  3. Is there anything besides just plain dumb luck that would cause reaction carrier to fail?
  4. I have an 4L60e (3KCD) out of an 03 Truck that the reaction carrier shattered and one out of a 99 (9KCD) that the sun shell failed. Best I can tell the internal reaction gear, internal gear support, sun gear, and low/reverse clutch piston are the same. So, I should be able to use the parts from the 99 to replace the damaged ones in the 03. Am I right? Also for a stock 5.3L which I drive pretty aggressively up and down a mountain everyday and very occasionally do some towing (pulling a truck up said mountain on a car hauler) what are the advantages and disadvantages of switching to the torque converter from a I6 trailblazer? I am planning on installing a large tranny cooler.
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