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  1. I'm searching for an alternative GM 180 thermostat? I've researched the reviews on Jet, and other aftermarket low temperature thermostats and ALL seem to have a very low rating, poor gasket design or material prone to premature failure. I've seen the GM 197 degree part # 12674634 I really prefer a lower thermostat is anyone is aware of a GM OEM . Thanks
  2. Comments and suggestions abound! My 1500 is similarly equipped, 5.3L, 3:42 diff. I know my current hitched scale GCVW is 13K and the GCVW max is 15K. From the 13K total 6700# is Vehicle and 6400# is loaded TT. I only put a minimum amount of H2/O before the trip to eliminate unwanted weight. I adjusted the tongue to 11.5% of GW of TT or 735#. Once I had the weights balanced it will be easier to TOW. All Safety considerations, Trailer and Vehicle loading and load balance, tire pressure on ALL WHEELS is taken into consideration before we depart. I use a Anderson WDH and my experience the last two years has been mostly positive. I can NOT operate TWO trucks at this time. I use my 2016 1500 as my primary work, pleasure vehicle and this 1500 platform is comfortable, VERY cost effective and dependable. The remaining 10% of its miles I use for recreation and Towing our 6400# 31' TT. IS the 1500 ideal for towing 6400# - 7000# as far as power and superb handling 100% of the trips? NO. But, I'm NOT using this vehicle to TOW enough to justify stepping up into a 2500, either diesel or gas. I drive sensibly and adjust my speed to weather and road conditions. My tip to you, use all your common sense and Travel accordingly. Safe travels... I
  3. These topics are a great resource. I appreciate the feedback and posts from those subscribers submitting ideas and advice. The posts in this topic reminded me of the correlation between MANUFACTURERS RECOMENDED operational temperature, ACTUAL loaded towing temperature spikes and how the upper protection limits of these lubricants can and ARE diminished greatly. In my case, being in South Texas the predominant weather is HOT. Very Hot in the summer when I would normally vacation with the RV. So on my sled I will do the free upgrades first and proceed to another step if needed to lower the overall engine oil and transmission fluid. I'm going to do the transmission delete and lower the engine thermostat to the gm 197. I plan to adjust the fan by tune once these modifications are complete. Enjoy the Spring. Be safe out there...
  4. I drive a 2016 5.3 2wd, 3:42. Its a great truck, absolutely no issues at 67K. Well maintained and I stay on top of recommended fluid changes. In south Texas the temperature in summer driving concerns me as far as long term trans durability. My gut feeling and common sense tells me to run cooler and eliminate the thermostat and bring the operational temps below the 195 degrees. Am I missing something? And I understand the synthetic fluid improvements and its ability to handle heat. But again, One of my questions, did Chevy program the TCM to alter shift points based on temp? And, by eliminating the thermostat will that in itself be detrimental in the long run? I've received mixed advice from several respected mechanics regarding the removal of the 6l80 thermostat. And along that advice, the Dealers service writer advised against adding an auxiliary Transmission air cooler. And, another thought concerning operational cool temperatures. On first start up, considering the 10 second to 3 minutes before driving the trans temp is ambient. So how is the concern of operation during low temperature a concern to the internals? Advice from superior knowledge, PLEASE.
  5. Hello, I happened across your post and am planning my own installation of an auxiliary transmission filter. I do have questions? Is there any data regarding flow restriction/constriction on the return fluid that could prove detrimental? Secondly, from the posts it was mentioned using rubber hoses with barbed connections. Can I assume the pressures at the INLET & RETURN are low pressure? My filter says not to exceed 90 psi. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks, I expect a good result with an (in between) setting & new shocks. My trailer is #6400. I just wanted try this Roadmaster support as an alternative to air bag potential fails 1000 miles from home.
  7. Thanks btj_z71, Understand your comment! I use my truck in my job daily 90% use, 1/2 platform works extremely well, economical at avg. 17+mpg. I pull our RV 5-10% pleasure. Of course I don't expect nor receive staggering towing results BUT for a well balanced TT with a quality Anderson Load leveling Hitch I can keep with this rig until lifestyle changes dictate the immediate need for a more capable tow platform. No question a 2500 would pull RV better. I'd like my next truck to be diesel as soon as they work the bugs out from the DEF, EGR, sensors and host of other issues. (Another topic post sometime.) However, since I am changing OEM rear shocks due to age/mileage for Bilstein 5100, I wanted to know if others use or have installed the Roadmaster Suspension? And if they were satisfied. Regards
  8. Hello everyone, First, I'm not experiencing any handling problems with my truck. As a Pro preventative maintenance guy, PLUS we pull a 29' TT RV, I am looking at two areas of upgrades. At 67K miles I'm replacing the rear OEM shocks with Bilstein 5100. Also this truck runs a daily GVW of 6700 lbs. with Leer cap, cargoglide, & tools. So I am also considering adding Roadmaster Active Suspension. I like the ability of adjusting the Active suspension for ride control, PLUS it has a 30 Day MBG! Any thoughts or suggestions about the Roadmaster?
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