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  1. Getting them to work does require a flash from the dealership. The dealership will have to contact GM directly to obtain the info necessary to reflash. Make note that your fog lights should come with a one time use authorization code that the dealer needs when they contact GM. Getting them programmed should cost not more than an hour labor ~$130ish.
  2. Most common option is to wrap it. Rock chips can definitely be fixed without a total rewrap by the vinyl shop. Could be free touch ups if u ask them nicely and they would be able to wrap the sensors with them still being fully functional. I heard it was a big no no to paint chrome. of course the best option would be to do a complete bumper swap but that is a pricey trade off.
  3. Well it happened to me . Took my 20” oem rims and tires and left my truck on a couple bricks. I had wheel locks on them. But we all know that won’t stop a determined thief. They broke my passenger window to get access to the wheel lock in the glove box. Let this be a reminder to all to keep your trucks safe and don’t be complacent because thieves are everywhere
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