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  1. Thanks this is helpful. Still trying to figure out if it’s worth it or not on the LT. Like I said earlier if you add the bed view camera it removes the HD rear vision camera. Was hoping someone could chime in on the actual difference in the picture quality of the HD rear vision camera vs the non HD. I wish Chevy would let you add in the surround camera package on the LT like on the LTZ or HC. This is the only option I want from those trims
  2. Did you ever figure this out. I’m trying to order a 2500 LT with the z71 sport package and the preferred package II and I’m running into the same problem. When I add the rear bed view camera (250$ option) it says it will remove the HD Rear vision camera. I’m wondering if this is a limitation on the LT’s where you can have one or the other but not both.
  3. Thanks for this info, very helpful! I'll keep reaching out to local dealers in my area and see if I can find one that at least acts interested in helping me place an order.
  4. Hey everyone hoping for a little guidance on a new 2500. Quick back story Ive owned nothing but Ford trucks in the past and now needing a new HD in these crazy time Ive decided on a Silverado 2500 CC gasser with the 8ft bed. Ive done some research but still a bit confused. With Ford and even Ram for that matter I knew a couple high volume dealers I could place a order with no problems at all. Now I know with the current climate being crazy as all can be and from what Ive read the 23 order bank should open up sometime next month so Ive reached out to a few local dealers in the Denver area. So far none of them seem at all interested in helping out and the one who did respond simply asked "what are you looking for as trucks are only placed on allotments only" Just curious if GM does custom ordering or do you have to track down a truck that's already built with the options your after(similar to how Toyota does it)\ Thanks in advance
  5. Yeah I figured the previous owner could of done it himself, seems expensive to do just to trade in 2 years later. But to my original question was it possible to get these options from the factory on a LT trim?
  6. Hey guys long time Ford guy here but after years of telling myself I wouldn’t drive a Chevy I have gave in as I love the body style of the 14+ and I need a gas truck as I no longer want to deal with a diesel. So here is what aim looking at- 2016 Silverado CC 1500LT,5.3 with the z71 package and 6.5ft bed. I found a really nice one but it kind of has me scratching my head. First of it has the factory tow Mirros but no built in brake controller. Second it has leather seats with the center console that has the built in wireless charging station in the center. I didn’t think you could get the wireless charging pad in the LT trims? Is this correct. And could you get tow mirros with out the brake controller??? Thanks in advance guys.
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