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  1. Would I need a high end scanner for that open loop test, and turns out I was wrong the one cat is bad and I think there’s nothing left inside, oops. Got told a misfire is making my cats burn up. Appreciate the help I’ll get on that ASAP
  2. Been a while but I did use that guidance and everything went well! Thank you
  3. Having a major loss of power especially noticable when going up hill, and terrible fuel mileage(350 km to an 90 litre tank) have done all the basic things it could be like maf sensor, plugs + wires, Fuel filter, and air filter. I’ve heard talk about it being the cats but they are relatively new and got no codes, and help would be very appreciated!
  4. Hi, have had my 4x4 acting up with no lights on the selector switch and was driving fine in 2wd. Now when starting it up again it was stuck in 4-lo, Dealer had scanned it and said the fault code was coming from the encoder motor wich I will replace tonight. My problem is that I’m told the new motor comes in nuetral, can someone help guide me as how to get the t-case into neutral position???
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