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  1. I did a full clay bar on my truck and then waxed it over the weekend. Holy hell what a difference!!! My truck's paint actually looks white again!
  2. Decided it was time for some new rubber. Upgrading over the stock Goodyear Eagle LS2. I went with the BRIDGESTONE DUELER A/T REVO 3. So far I think they look great and ride smooth. Didn't notice any road noise. Hopefully they perform just as good in the rain and snow.
  3. Installed the Borla ATAK duel side exit exhaust with black chrome tips. Definitely makes it look and sound a lot better. Washed her for the first time this spring after the install.
  4. Finally did the conversion to LTZ headlights and taillights on my 2017 Rally 1. Huge upgrade!
  5. That's what I've been doing.. Lol! Think I might have to chill for a bit or my card will get cut up or even worse me!
  6. Yeah for sure! This forum has been great. Can't wait to see the interior. I still want to do a few things myself. LTZ headlights, Front bumper with fog lights (purchased) just need to install.. I would like to do the LTZ taillights but don't think I can justify that purchase to the wife...
  7. Looks amazing! Glad the overhaul went as planned.
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