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  1. Succumbed to the condenser problem myself. 2015 with 72k miles. What brand is everyone DIY'ing this with? Murray from orielly, spectra from autozone, oem dealer and risk it failing again?
  2. Recently flat towed a Jeep just shy of 6k loaded to Moab from Texas. Truck is 5.3 4x4 with 3.73 gears max tow package. 1,000 miles each way. In Texas on mostly flat ground going 65 the truck would rarely settle in 6th gear. Once we got into southwestern Co and the hills in southeastern Utah the fun began. I was routinely dropping to 4th and even 3rd to keep speed up. Ambient temps were fine so temps in the truck weren't an issue. It did open my eye on how dismal these things are at pulling on anything with a grade. Truck was able to do everything I asked it to do but I had expected more umpf t
  3. Any idea if this keypad would work for a 2015? I found the listing for a 2018.
  4. Id say the AT2 isn't even close in comparison to the Trail graps. Trail graps are much more rugged and louder. I originally purchased the ridge graps from DT. Wasn't a fan of them. DT wasn't able to get them balanced right for me so they took them back and I got the AT2s. A very slight wine from the tires but not enough to be annoying. Excellent off road traction and wet performance. No comments on winter precip.
  5. You took a full size on the Alpine Loop? Yikes. I like to take mine in the mountains but I'm not that brave! Ha.
  6. Got back from a camping trip in SW Colorado. Took the truck up Yankee Boy Basin. 4Lo and HDC did a good job on the 10+ degree descents.
  7. Then go with Fox or a real lift. Bilsteins at anything than the bottom setting are not intended to be stacked with a spacer.
  8. Build a barn owl nesting box and place it on your property if you live within their territory. https://www.barnowlbox.com/how-to-build-or-buy-a-barn-owl-nest-box/
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