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  1. I was in the same exact position as you with Battle Born Offroad. I ended up cancelling my order because they kept providing different ETAs each time I got in contact with them. Very frustrating for sure.
  2. Yes, I looked at these but could not justify their price. $350 for a set of 5100s vs these at $1300 doesn't make any sense. You can get HaloLifts Boss coilovers for the same price. https://www.halolifts.com/HaloLifts-Boss-Ultimate-Kit-fits-your-2007-UP-GM-SilveradoSierra-1500_p_220.html
  3. I ordered mine first thing in the morning on 3/28 after seeing that they were in-stock and still don't have them. I was curious if anyone has received theirs yet as well.
  4. Where did you get this pic? I like this setup as well. I'd like to know what size tires/rims it is running as well as what suspension.
  5. Did Bilstein offer any specifics or did they just say "very soon"?
  6. Wow, this is the exact setup I was looking at! 17" Icon rebounds with coilovers. What size tires did you go with? What suspension setup did you use?
  7. Which shocks did you get for the rear? The 2.5s or the 2.0s?
  8. Yes, I have a Sentry CT and am very impressed with it so far. I sprayed it with 303 Fabric Guard after installing it.
  9. I agree, the quick detach is another feature that sold me over the Revolver X4. Doubt I will use it much, but nice to have that ability.
  10. So far, so good. I've only had it on for a couple of weeks so it really hasn't got dirty yet. It just sat outside during 2 days straight of constant rain with only minimal leaking as expected. I sprayed it with 303 fabric guard after I installed it to help it stay cleaner and repel water better, but I don't think the 303 was a match for the constant downpour we experienced this weekend as the fabric was pretty soaked through. But in no way did it leak at all in the center of the cover, just up by the cab as I expected it would between the cover and supplied weather stripping. It was really the only cover on the market that met my needs. I did't want to block rear visibility, so a trifold was out (Ultra Flex was at the top of my list). I also didn't want to take up bed space, so a retractable was out. My commercial mower would also probably damage a retractable as well without putting some sort of barricade in front of the canister which would take up even more room and add cost. The Sentry CT and the Bak Revolver X4 were the only two that met my needs and I preferred the black slats on the Sentry vs the raw aluminum on the Revolver to better match the blacked out theme of my truck when rolled up. The price of the Sentry CT was slightly better, $735 shipped vs $775 shipped. The Sentry also had a $75 mail in rebate as well to bring it down to $660 net. In fairness, I think Bak was offering a $100 rebate on the X4 which would have netted to $675. I am very happy with it so far, especially at the price that I paid. I came from a soft roll up that I had on my F150 before I got the Chevy, so I already preferred the roll up style covers. I had the Tyger soft roll up from Amazon which is/was an incredible value at $189. That cover is amazing for the price and I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to anyone on a limited budget. I ended up selling it to my neighbor for $100 before I traded the F150 in on the Chevy. I just wanted to get a higher quality hard cover on the Silverado since it is a much nicer truck than the particular F150 I had.
  11. Buy these! Weathertech flaps look so much better then the OEM molded flaps. They are super simple to install and don't require drilling or a special tool like the OEM molded flaps.
  12. I would definitely walk away from that deal ESPECIALLY if the $47k isn't OTD price. As others have stated, there are much better deals to be had on 2018s. Definitely shop around as you should at least be getting $12-13k off of MSRP before TTL.
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