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  1. These look great! It it possible to customize the tach with the Z71 logo? I like having that logo on my current stock tach.
  2. jgraves's 2018 Silverado build

    Really like your truck, I'm pretty much set on getting bronze NVs as well! Why did you decide to go with the pro comp front coils instead of Fox to match the rear shocks?
  3. My reception was only VERY slightly worse. I don’t really listen to FM much outside of sports talk radio. It still picks up the HD FM signal fine though, but can be in and out depending on the reception in the area I am in. I usually listen to XM so the look and quality of this vs the stock antenna was a no brainer for me. Sorry yours didn’t work out. A lot of the reviews I read said that it really depends on where you live. I’m just outside DC, so I wasn’t too worried about the signal strength in my area.
  4. Your Centennial looks great with those wheels and tires, I like that look a lot! Right now, I’m set on getting some Method NV 17x8.5 0 offset and am trying to decide on what suspension lift I want to get. Most likely going to go with a Fox setup. I’ll post how it all works out, but it probably won’t be until spring.
  5. This is 100% accurate, you have to choose between 0% or a large cash rebate up front. You have to look at the total cost of the loan with interest. If that is more than your total price at 0%, then that’s when it makes sense to go with 0%. From my experience, it usually works out the opposite. In my case, I took the large cash rebate upfront for financing with GM (at a crazy high rate with my 800+ credit score) and then I refinanced with my credit union for a MUCH better rate the same day I got my GM Financial loan number. Don’t fall for the Finance Manager telling you that you have to make at least 3 payments before you can refinance. They get a kickback from GM if you keep the loan for 3 months. GM Financial does not have a prepayment penalty so you can refinance on your ride home from the dealer if you wanted to.
  6. bug/stone deflector

    I put a Weathertech hood deflector on my ME. I like it a lot aside from the extremely crappy installation hardware they used. I preferred the way this one installs vs others that require you to install those tabs over 3M protective tape on the lip of your hood.
  7. Installed my Ronin Factory stubby antenna that I got on Amazon.
  8. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    I completely agree with all of your points above. I am debating between the Undercover Ultra Flex, BAK Revolver X4, or Truxedo Sentry CT. I think you may have just pushed me towards the Ultra Flex! Looks awesome on your truck! Thanks for posting a pic of how you routed the drain tubes as well.
  9. Midnight Edition Mods

    Got my Midnight Edition a couple of months ago. Added Weathertech mud flaps and Romik RAL-TB running boards with many more mods planned for the future.
  10. Looks great, thanks for posting your setup! I’m in the market for wheels, tires, and a level and am thinking 275/70/18 or 285/70/17 to avoid trimming/rubbing so I can hopefully keep my Weathertech mud flaps.

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