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  1. Same problem here on my 2019 Sierra Denali with 5k miles on it. Early morning backing out of the driveway she squeals like a b*tch, and if im driving under 15 mph and brake she'll squeal too. This shouldn't be an issue on a 60k+ truck. I took the front brakes apart cleaned them up greased the pins and anti-seized the pads, helped for a few days but now back to the squealing. I also have burn marks on the rotors. Going to the dealership this week to see what they can do. Thank god the dealer I use is always amazing with stuff like this but I feel its more of a mechanical issue with the brake system seeing how many of you are suffering from the same problem.
  2. I have the same burn marks on my rotors. Just took the brakes apart cleaned them up because they were squeaking pretty, and I was hearing that "moan". It stopped for maybe a week but then started back up. Gonna have to go to the dealership this week.
  3. never mind should have checked first they have the black ones
  4. I was just about to switch my grill emblems out for the black and chrome GMC. Would there be any way to swap the red inserts for the black ones I just ordered? I like the look of the illuminated emblem but it would have to be black not red.
  5. I don't want to raise my truck, and have been looking into getting a pair of drop shackles to level the rear, but I cant seem to find any that will work on a denali or any models with Magneride or Active Ride. Do any of you know a brand that makes shackles for these models or any work arounds using the standard Belltech or Mcgaughys.
  6. It looks like the rear badge comes in 3 separate pieces G M C unlike the older models. Was this a pain in the ass to get lined up?
  7. So the screen on my Sierra got hit with a golf club (don’t ask how) and is now cracked. It works fine just looks like sh*t. Found a few replacements on eBay but was wondering does it matter if it comes off a Sierra or Silverado since they’re the same unit. Only thing that’s worrrying me is I know when I start the truck up it says “Denali Intellilink” before booting up. Is that programmed from somewhere inside the truck or on the unit itself? I highly doubt that they make different units for each model so it should just be a programming issue, but wanted to run it by you guys before I go and switch it out. Thanks
  8. Yea mine is also a daily, rarely tow anything and mostly keep my tools in the bed. If I am towing its light, small trailer with a 2quads or bikes on it. Maybe ill go with the 3/5 but I am also putting 22's so I have a lot to think about now.
  9. Also with a 2/4 will that mess with the driveshaft at all?
  10. Hey what’s up brand new to this forum.... Just decided to buy my ‘16 Sierra Denali after the lease was up so now the fun can begin. Was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on a 2/4 drop. I don’t wanna get it and then decide it’s not low enough. Only thing to keep in mind is i do live in NYC so we don’t have the nicest roads in the world. And also what brand would be best with keeping the Magneride. Thanks!
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