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  1. I’m in Maryland. Went to GM and requested in writing by certified mail that they replace the harness of buy back the truck. They offered to extend the warranty on the repaired harness to 100k. I told them buy it back then. They declined. I hired the lawyer, GM declined to buy back. Mind you at this point it had been in the shop over 30 days so it was a clear cut lemon law case. GM offered me a small compensation. In Maryland, GM can keep up to 15% or the purchase price in a buyback case. They offered me about what that would cover. My lawyer countered with double that, to cover my losses to trade the truck off. GM met us in the middle and i got my check a month ago. i can’t wait to wash my hands of it. Waiting on a couple of vehicles I am interested in to come out for 2020 - At this point I am either replacing it with a Mercedes GLE 350/450, Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Ecodiesel or a Land Rover Defender. I may be jumping from the frying pan into the fire with reliability on the last one - but we shall see.
  2. I was told that they were having a problem with these trucks blowing 400A fuses. I have not seen much on here. My own did it 3 times.
  3. Yup... It's attached for you here. You're getting the same runaround that I am. Next up they will tell you that they don't have that harness in stock because a warehouse moved and they lost track of their parts. They won't pull one from the line to fix it right (even though it is a revised part with a revised part number). www.lemonlaw.com. Not a litigious person at all here - but this was the only option I had and they went after GM with it. Come to think of it, I am going to report this to NHTSA this weekend. Given how mine lost all power in the middle of 8 lanes of highway with my boat behind it is a major safety issue. PIT5677.pdf
  4. Do you think they said TCM by any chance? Transmission Control Module. Mine was blown up in the first go-round with this harness garbage. That afternoon when I tried to start it at work, it blew the 400A main fuse for the truck. After it blew a couple more of those for the dealer, it also took out my ECM, BCM, some sort of starter controller, and the starter. It's sending enough amperage backfeeding through the harness to fry things. Make them put you in something comparable to your truck in the meantime. If they start jerking you around, get the GM customer assistance center involved. They are completely useless but are a necessary step if you end up having to do something legal about it.
  5. Mine was built in March of 2019, delivered April 20, 2019 and had the first blowup on May 21, 2019 at 3066 miles.
  6. I'm at 10,000 miles now - so about 6,500 trouble free engine miles. That said, I have a trans that is shuddering, steering that is making popping noises when nearing lock at parking speeds, a shifter that has gotten ridiculously loose, door cards that vibrate with moderate bass, etc. I love the engine, I love how this thing tows, and I love how it looks. Aside from that, I can't wait to wash my hands of it.
  7. My '22s were delivered separately from the truck, and the truck came in on the steel shipping wheels. My wonderful dealer put them on my truck and apparently didn't balance them at all. It had to go back right after I got it and get quite a bit of weight added to each wheel to balance it.
  8. That's me. Take a look back through my posts. I ended up suing GM over their unwillingness to fix the damn thing right by replacing their failed harness.
  9. The EDR isn't going to have anything for a parking lot fender bender. If you did not blow any airbags, set off any pretensioners or any of the like - it will not have gone off.
  10. Haha no worries - what an interesting chart. I will say that from my butt dyno and audible perspective that it is spot on. The turbo spools (and starts whistling loudly) right off idle. My neighbors used to be able to tell when I was coming up the road from the exhaust on my Colorado - now they can hear me whistling up the hill.
  11. Not sure where you saw that at. It runs up to 22psi of boost. It’s not really pushing any design limits - GM wasn’t stupid enough to stress it like Ford does with the EB.
  12. It's hard to discount something that doesn't exist. They're not that prevalent out, yet. Mine was #2 for my dealer - right behind their demo, which sold the day after I drove it and ordered my truck.
  13. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! I got pretty close to KBB for mine, which I was surprised at - particularly since it was an absurdly rare manual trans equipped truck. I figured they would nail me on it but they didn't. They complained more about my 20% tint than they did the clutch pedal. Mine was a 2015 2WD WT Extended Cab with every option except the appearance package and 75K miles and I got $11,500 for it, IIRC. CSX owned it before me, and there was some rail dust in the paint, a couple of dents in the tailgate and a healthy ding in the driver's rear door.
  14. I went from a Trifecta tuned 2.5L 6 speed manual 2015 Colorado to my 2.7L RST. They are night and day different. It has the torque curve of a diesel and pulls like one from down low riding on turbo boost. It doesn't need to be wound out like the 2.5 to make its power, and in fact it doesn't exactly want to rev.
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