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  1. Next up on my rounds of issues - in the past 2 days my infotainment has become damn useless with music. Wondering if anyone here has seen this before - I can't find much on it. Suddenly yesterday, whenever I attempt to play audio from my iPhone, either in the audio app or within Carplay, whatever radio station I was listening to last (FM or XM) is played over the audio from my iPhone (either Spotify or in the Music app). Restarting the phone, restarting the truck, turning the audio off any on, going through the menus and terminating the audio apps, nothing works. The only way I have managed to get it working properly has been to shut the truck off, open and close the door and wait until I see the infotainment screen go completely dark, come back on and then go dark again, plug my phone in and start the truck up. Only after that mess will I get just audio from my phone. Both yesterday and this morning it did this same thing. I am on v509 - still have not gotten v803 (not sure if it is still delayed). Anyone else seen this? Given all of my electrical issues I am not sure if this is a minor software issue or something that may have been damaged in one of the surges that blew out the TCM and ECM in my truck.

    The dealer apparently can't find the software update for mine. They supposedly opened a TAC case up about it. They seem to open a TAC case for everything, and it goes nowhere.
  3. Unfortunately, I got a call from GM last night and they are standing behind this repaired harness as being the fix. Ironically, my truck is back with the dealer because the volume control on the steering wheel no longer clicks or returns from its travel. None of my steering wheel radio or handsfree controls work, and if I hit a bump in the road it turns my radio down. I called my lawyer a few minutes ago. I am completely done with this situation and want to be done with this truck. 5 warranty visits (counting the 1 where it never left the lot without acting up again), roughly 800 miles that they put on it working on it, 23 days and counting in their possession, a tar stain on my front bumper in the shape of a boot (also on the left front wheel), and apparently my LPO wheels were not balanced prior to install as they had to balance all of them to solve a highway vibration. The whole damn thing is just sad.
  4. Another person just commented that they had a similar issue on their 2019 with a 5.3
  5. Yesterday I got in the truck to go somewhere and noticed that my volume down button on the wheel was not clicking and felt kind of mushy. It worked one time to turn the audio down, and then I noticed that it was floppy and not returning. It's actually stuck pressed - so you can't use any of the steering wheel audio controls (if you use the faceplate controls they override the wheel until the next time you touch anything on the wheel and then they become authoritative). If I hit a bump in the road it activates and turns the volume down all the way as well. It's not physically stuck in there as you can make it jiggle - but the micro switch behind it is stuck. I am supposed to drop it off tonight. I believe this makes day 27 of various warranty repairs. Have any of you experienced this?
  6. Disable active noise cancellation AT4

    Bose Audiopilot isn't active noise cancelling. It compensates the volume of the stereo for ambient noise. Active noise cancelling sends an inverse sound wave through the speakers to literally kill whatever sound it is masking.
  7. Last night on the way home, I got a call from a mediation specialist with GM. The conversation went well, and from what it sounds like they have something in the works to get a harness pulled from the line and sent to my dealer to install onto my truck. After we spoke, she said she was reaching out to my dealer to pull all of the records for this and to coordinate the fix. I'm hoping all goes smoothly from here on out with this. As I am able to/if it doesn't go sideways and turn into a legal matter where I need to clam up, I will report back here what GM did to right this situation. Regardless, even if they replace the harness and make everything as they should, I am disappointed that it took all of this effort to get it fixed correctly.
  8. Please open a case with the Customer Assistance Center and demand that they replace the harness! The more of us who are demanding this the better for all. I was told that apparently they were created too short which causes them to rub as the engine torques under load. When yours left you stranded, did it also blow the 400A main fuse? Last I heard from a contact at the dealer, GM had 30+ cases of them doing that and did not know why (not sure if this is 2.7 specific). GM knows this is an issue. When the field engineer looked at my truck, according to my dealer he pulled the wheel/fender liner and knew exactly where to open the harness and found the second spot where it rubbed without searching.
  9. Yup... they did the same thing with mine, right where it crosses under the fuel rail. I am currently waiting to hear back from GM - apparently my request for a replacement truck was denied (I wasn't even pushing for that... I just want the truck fixed), and I am waiting to hear back on the harness. Considering it impacted my brakes, and I have it on video doing such I have a case for it being a safety issue - notwithstanding the fact that it left me for dead on a highway. I spoke with my lawyer and sent a certified letter to GM outlining the issue last week and basically stating that I want the harness replaced, I have no confidence in their repairs, and if they can't I'll pursue legal action for a buyback. Maryland is a pro consumer state in terms of lemon law, so I have them on my side. So far, my truck has been driving fine since I got it back. We have had a lot of rain here, and I opened my hood the other day and the repaired harness was soaked - I have no doubt it will fail again.
  10. You have to buy the card that Wiggums linked above, and then have your dealer flash the system to recognize it.
  11. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    Hmm, so bringing up the autobahn... curious how many km you have under your belt driving on them?
  12. Duration of Auto Stop

    30.4 MPG... you dog. I had 28.9 over 25 miles the day I dropped it at the dealer - but whatever they had to reset cleared it out.
  13. Duration of Auto Stop

    Even after all of the electrical work and such mine still can't make it more than 30 seconds or so without restarting - even with the HVAC totally off. I can literally watch the voltage gauge drop when the engine turns off. Does anyone else notice this? I am questioning if I have a weak battery or such.
  14. Real world city MPG?

    20.1 over the past 450 miles with my 4x4 RST on 22's. Granted that was all driven by the dealer and not me...
  15. Software Update 6/7/2019

    My March built truck has 509, and when it was in the first time for the wiring harness issue I asked them to update it to 803. They told me it was at the latest. I question whether it is laziness, or a lack of training/ignorance of the Infotainment 3 systems in the new GM vehicles based on a lot of what I have read here.

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