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  1. Mines been at like 14% front and 16% rear for 2 weeks now. Tonight, this happened. The boat is in storage for the year so I don’t need my shitheap that badly. I’m gonna leave it with the dealer tomorrow and take a loaner and let them figure it out along with a couple of rattles and a transmission that endlessly shudders like a vibrating bed in a cheap roadside motel with a slug stuck in the coin slot. Apologies for the sideways pics.
  2. 14,500 miles on mine. The engine has been flawless from a hardware perspective - just the wiring harness issues earlier that were hell to fix. The 8 speed is a rough shifting piece of garbage, IMO/IME, but at least it's reliable. My average fuel economy has dropped over the past 2,000 miles and I am at about 21.4 right now - about half of those have been spent towing the boat so I am not going to gripe.
  3. Here’s mine, filthy and putting in some work on the worst day of the year for me (winterizing )
  4. I have used it goofing off a few times, but nothing serious. It does seem like it is trying to control the truck better - but nonetheless it is not groundbreaking. When at the launch I just throw it in 4hi and let it walk up the ramp without issue.
  5. I use 87 unless I am towing in temps over 90*, at which point I will give it 91. Something seems wrong, or you are really being heavy footed with it. I have a 4x4 Double Cab with 22" wheels and get ~22 average without effort (cruise set to 75-80 on freeway) consistently across tanks - and can get 26-27 with pulse gliding at 60-65 MPH. Your MPG is lower than what I get dragging around ~4,100lb of boat.
  6. This is what I sued GM over due to their inability to fix properly. The TSB is a garbage repair by GM. The harnesses need replaced, not repaired.
  7. I pull roughly 5k from elevations from sea level to 3300 ft regularly. It pretty much wont come out of 8th gear without standing on the pedal to force it to.
  8. Because it doesn’t know how to read and is busy trying to dig up some other incorrect bullshit to clog up the forums with...
  9. Why exactly are you posting on this thread? You came in here with no knowledge of the 2.7 and have done nothing but either try to put it down or post useless drivel like this...
  10. Unsprung weight is going to impact any powertrain - and quite frankly the flat torque curve of the 2.7 will mask it from an acceleration point quite nicely. This is akin to saying my 2.7 liter truck on 22s would be significantly slower to accelerate and brake worse than a base 2.7 truck on 18s.
  11. It did the Ike Gauntlet in the same time as the 3.5 Ford and the GM 6.2... if you’re gonna be a useless armchair reviewer, at least try to get your facts straight...
  12. Perhaps because he doesn’t want to drive a 1 day old truck that sounds like a ticking shitbox? I really don’t understand your lack of logic...
  13. My dealer is low on stock for oil filters for the V8s due to the strike. I went in to get a filter for my 2.7 the other day (no one has them for the 2.7 around here aside from the dealer), and the guy told me I basically would be up a creek if it weren’t for that. I got the impression they won’t sell them over the counter right now for the others.
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