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  1. 2109 Serria denali black window trim

    The product would be a black vinyl wrap and it should be professionally applied.
  2. Autostop Eliminator

    Mine works flawlessly. It really is plug play.
  3. 2109 Serria denali black window trim

    You can get it wrapped in black.
  4. Loving it! Make sure to use the Blendmount M1 Adapter and it will mount perfectly.
  5. I had my Escort 360c Radar Detector hard wired into the wiring behind the rear view mirror using a Blend Mount. From there I purchased the Escort M1 Dashcam and it plug directly into the side of the Radar Detector utilizing the same power. Great set up!
  6. Sotally Tober's T1 Build

    Thanks and they peel right off. Use a new tooth brush, water mixed with detergent and gently scrub off any remaining residue.
  7. Sotally Tober's T1 Build

    Found them on the Chevy website: https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/2019/Chevrolet/Silverado 1500/outside-rearview-mirror-covers-in-white-84469250 Thanks for the recommendation! I went ahead and ordered them.
  8. Sotally Tober's T1 Build

    Still have orange turn signals. The bulb has a chrome plate but still lights orange when engaged.
  9. Sotally Tober's T1 Build

    Good idea! I will look into this.
  10. Sotally Tober's T1 Build

    Painting the Mirrors? What are you thinking? =)
  11. After a month of modifications it's finally here: 2019 Chevy Silverado RST, 5.3L 4x4 in Summit White (angry storm trooper edition) List of Mods: - 6 inch BDS Suspension Lift with Fox Racing Shocks - 35 inch Nitto Tires - 20 inch Fuel Wheels - Custom black paint on the center cap of the Fuel wheels to completely black them out and cover the badging - Amp Research retractable running boards - Under Cover Lux color matched bed cover - Debadged handle of the Under Cover Lux bed cover - Painted the handle of the Under Cover Lux bed cover (black to summit white) - Painted the black portion of the tailgate with the back up camera (black to summit white) - Painted the shark fin antenna (black to summit white) - Painted the chrome around the boarder of the front Bow Tie (chrome to summit white) - Replaced the horrible looking and giant radio antenna with a short stubby one - 3m tint on all windows to include the front wind shield - Removed the RST lower bumper and replaced it with the lower bumper off a High Country. We then took the chrome portion and painted it summit white and wrapped it in paint protection film. - Fully debadged the entire truck to give it that nice clean look - GM Branded Borla Exhaust. OF NOTE: The exhaust note on the GM Branded Borla is CONSERVATIVE to say the least! A little too conservative for my liking. After having an Eisenmann Race Exhaust on our BMW X5M, my wife won't let me have anything loud....) - We cut the pipe on the GM Branded Borla Exhaust so it would remain under the truck and not be visible. - Replaced license plate lights with LEDs - Replaced back up lights with LEDs - Custom made clear corner lenses in the front headlights - Disabled the orange running lights behind the clear corners - Replaced the orange turn signal bulbs with a chrome plated ones. This eliminates the orange reflection that standard bulb gives off - Spray on bed liner - Spray on bed liner in the rear wheel wells. This added protection and blacked out the area. - Removed the "chin guard" under the lower front bumper - Removed the cheap looking mud flaps. I have color matched plugs on order to fill in the holes on the side of the truck. - Installed the "Auto Start/Stop Eliminator" - Installed the Escort 360C using a blend mount under the rear view mirror. The radar detector is hard wired into the power supply behind the rear view mirror. - Installed the Escort M1 Dashcam. This is a direct add on to the Escort 360C. - Relocated the "Apple Carplay USB" from the dash into the center console. This was challenging due to the fact that my Silverado has the bench seating up front. - Removed the ugly warning stickers from the sun visors. Minor mod, but it bugs the crap out of me... List of up and coming mods: - GM Branded Cold Air Intake - 4 Layer Ceramic Pro Coating - USB Plug to replace the one that was relocated to the center console. - 2 Sets of Escort ZR5 Laser Shifters that will connect with the Escort 360C - Gap Guards to cover the small gap in the rear wheel well - Color matched plugs to fill in the holes left behind by the plastic mud flaps Special thanks to: Mike Wilson @ Blackjack Speed Shop Rich Ordaz @ Blackjack Speed Shop Phil Sheridan @ Fastheadlights.com
  12. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

    Here is our new 2019 Silverado RST. For details on all the modifications, here is a link to my build thread:
  13. 2019 Silverado 1500 Headlight Clear corners

    Here is the finished product! Special thanks to Phil Sheridan at fastheadlights.com for producing the first pair of clear corners on a T1! In addition to the clear lenses, the orange bulb behind it was disabled. Here is a link for all the details on my T1 Build:
  14. 2019 Silverado 1500 Headlight Clear corners

    It's a mod. It's actually the bumper off of a High Country. We took the chrome portion and painted it white and then reinstalled it on my RST. Additionally, we added Paint Protection Film to it as well. This particular mod gives a nice clean appearance, almost as if it came from the factory.
  15. 2019 Silverado 1500 Headlight Clear corners

    Not sure of the offset.. Blackjack Speed Shop did the work and didn't ask for that spec. I can tell you they are 35inch Nittos on 20inch Fuel wheels.

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