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  1. I had my front lower bumper painted (over chrome) and then wrapped with Xpel paint protection film. So far so good!
  2. Does anyone have any leads on where we could purchase a High Country Digital Gauge Cluster and approximately how much?
  3. autostop eliminator

    I received notification of the Auto Stop Eliminator recall while I was on a 9 day trip. Just like the notification stated, my battery was completely drained. I appreciate the company being up front and I had a replacement part sitting on my door step by the time I returned from my trip. I have no regrets about the purchase and the company made it right.
  4. Where did you get these for the 2019’s?
  5. LT Trail Boss Turn Signal to LED

    I had one fail as well. Only lasted a few weeks.
  6. Front Plate

    There are auto hiding front liscense plate mounts out there:
  7. Disable auto stop

    Autostop Eliminator works great!
  8. Hypertech tuner

    I haven't notice any change. Shifting seems good to me.
  9. Sotally Tober's T1 Build

    No I didn't. Blackjack Speed Shop did the install. There are plenty of youtube videos that will walk through the install process though. I definitely do not regret the purchase.
  10. Oops.... It is in fact the Undercover Elite LX. Good catch. It just so happened that the distributor that my shop uses had one in stock and I lucked out.
  11. Hard Wiring a Radar Detector

    I had it professionally installed so I wont be much help on this...
  12. Hard Wiring a Radar Detector

    Escort doesn't make the mount or wire tap. Blendmount has everything you need for a clean install: https://www.blendmount.com/mirrortap.html
  13. Hard Wiring a Radar Detector

    My Escort 360C with Escort M1 dash cam works great! Use the blend mount to wire it in behind the rear view mirror.... and yes radar detectors work well and save me on a weekly basis.

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