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  1. I have the amps. Definitely better than standard running boards, however, they don't sit as flush to the body as I'd like in the retracted position. They sit perfect when installed on a Tundra.
  2. There are a few T1 pics with 37s floating around. The 6 inch BDS lift can accommodate 35 or 37s.
  3. Now you have to get the color matched plugs to fill in the holes the mud flaps left behind.
  4. Thanks. It was about $700.00 when everything was said and done. Totally worth it in my opinion as it changes the entire front look of the truck.
  5. Unfortunately, it wont. You need to buy both pieces of the lower bumper off a High Country. The shop purchased directly from our local dealership parts department after getting the VIN off of a High Country (to look up the parts) on the lot.
  6. Make sure you get PPF put on ASAP and you will be golden. Wish I could elaborate on the installation, as I had Black Jack Speed shop here in San Antonio do the install.
  7. Florida plate but living in San Antonio Texas. Install was done professionally at Sunshades Tint and Sound (https://austinsunshades.com/).
  8. Your right. You can combine alp’s “Net Radar” into one of their laser systems and you will be solid.
  9. Are they using Radar or Laser? If radar, you can solve your problem with a good quality Radar Detector. If laser then the ALP is the way to go, however, it is pricey especially if you have it professionally installed. All of my countermeasures/defenses work VERY well. Especially when combined with waze.
  10. If I'm ever in this position, I would expect nothing less from the LEO. I'm under no illusion that they would give me a warning. At the same time, the ALP system is perfectly legal in the states that I run it in. Additionally, the system is not a true laser jammer. When a LEO shoots their laser at my truck, alarms go off notifying me that I'm being shot and what type of laser gun. The system prevents the laser operator from getting a fix on the truck and detecting the speed for about 3 seconds. After that time has elapsed, the ALP system automatically disengages and allows the laser operator to detect the speed, however, I've already slowed down to the speed limit. Laser defenses are only engaged at 15mph and above. Anything below 15mph and parking mode kicks on and the system turns into parking sensors. So if any LEOs that pull you over that want to test the system it wont work. Instead they get parking sensors.... This system has saved me about 5 times in the last two years.
  11. The ALP System is a Laser Defense System (http://www.alpriorityusa.com/) that only deals with laser. I have an escort max 360c (https://www.escortradar.com/products/escort_max_360c) for radar defense.
  12. Yup. Is this all necessary... absolutely not. It does give me piece of mind when I do decide to speed though. Plus, I'm really into radar detectors, laser defense systems, and dash cams.
  13. Yes! I have the Anti Laser Priority (ALP) system with 3 heads in the front and 3 heads in the rear. Here are pics of my set up:
  14. Here are some pics of the inner workings of the Snuggled RL:
  15. So I recently replaced my Undercover Elite Lx color matched hard tonneau cover with a Snuglid RL. I was never really happy with the Undercover due to the giant handle on the rear and the raised center of the lid. It just didn’t have that clean look. It was the only one piece hard tonneau available at the time I purchased my 2019 Silverado RST. Here is my experience with Snuglid: - I placed the order for the Snuglid RL on 25 June 2019. - The lid did not arrive until 15 August after being told 3 weeks. - The white color match on the lid was really bad. Had a yellow tint to it. - Snuglid would not repaint, however, my shop found some blemishes in the lid and they agreed to repair and repaint as long as we used Snuglid’s local contracted shop. - After waiting another 8 days, my shop received the lid back. Again, there was new blemishes and chips in the paint. - We contacted Snuglid and they agreed to have our local Chevy dealership repair and repaint. - After another week the lid was finally fixed and painted correctly. - I dropped off the truck for removal of the Undercover Lid and installation of the Snuglid. - Upon pick up I instantly noticed that the lid was not centered and the electronic locking mechanism on the lid that is tied into the truck was not working properly. - Turns out that the hardware originally installed on the lid was not centered and caused the lid to sit un-centered. Additionally, the electronic locking mechanism was failing and needed to be replaced. - After another two days, the contracted Snuglid shop reinstalled the hardware to center the lid and replaced the electronic mechanism. Here is the end result: I definitely like the clean lines of the Snuglid over the Undercover and the ability to lock/unlock straight from the trucks key fob. It is significantly heavier than the Undercover but I can deal with that. In hindsight, I regret not waiting on the Gaylord Lid to be released, however, I am happy with the end result of the SnugLid just not the hoops I had to jump through to get to this point. I will not buy from Snuglid again.
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