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  1. Picked up a new toy today, 2019 Yamaha 242 SE. My auto leveling rear airbags worked flawlessly.
  2. I did this. I relocated the stock USB charging plate into the bench seat middle compartment.The shop I used then routed the power to it. From there I ordered the identical USB charging plate and placed it in the original portion on the dash with no power hooked up to it. Using it as a dummy cover.
  3. https://www.fastheadlights.com Phil Sheridan will take care of you. They did mine over a year ago and are still perfect. No fogging or condensation inside the housing.
  4. Thanks. Same info... like you said, a bigger screen and nicer presentation.
  5. Highly recommend Concours Auto Salon: https://www.concoursautosalon.com, https://www.facebook.com/concoursautosalon/ They've done extensive work on my BMW X5M and Silverado. Both full Ceramic Coating and PPF. Only ceramic coating I use is Ceramic Pro: https://ceramicpro.com. I have the gold package with four coatings. It is warranted for the life of the vehicle as long as you bring it in annually for a check up. I've always used Suntek PPF https://www.suntekfilms.com but Xpel is also a quality films.
  6. I had mine done at https://www.fastheadlights.com. They did a great job with absolutely no inner fogging a year later.
  7. I purchased the preprogrammed unit from https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com and I had my local mod shop do the install. It took a few hours.
  8. Thanks and don't remind me about the $$$ ? The installation took a day. The inner door had to be removed in order access some of the parts. Keep in mind that this isn't just the pillars. It is every part that has contact with the window in gloss black. If I recall it was about $700 for the parts, a few hundred for the install and a little over a hundred for the PPF to protect them from micro scratches.
  9. Thanks! Bought and programmed through https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com. It was $675.
  10. Oh, and yes I did do front and back with three heads on each. Here is a link to my build page with pics of the set up: I do plan on upgrading my radar detector to the Radenso Theia (https://radenso.com/collections/radar-detectors/products/radenso-theia) when it comes out later this year. Also plan on upgrading my dash cam system to the Blackvue 2 channel DR900X when it's released.
  11. It wasn't cheap... It was about two thousand for the install. Normally doesn't run that much to install these, however, I had the front and back plus they needed to do some engineering/fabricating for the rear. I don't remember how much I paid for the Anti Laser Priority (ALP) system but I did purchase directly from their website: https://www.alpriorityusa.com The escort radar detector and laser jammers definitely give me piece of my while driving.
  12. I swapped out my my color matched non dual exhaust RST bumper with a the color matched dual exhaust version to house my laser jammers. I went to my local dealership and found what I was looking for on one of the trucks on the their lot. From there I snapped a pic of the VIN and proceeded to their parts department. Parts department took that VIN and looked up/ordered the parts I was interested in. Once the parts arrived I had them painted and installed.
  13. Someone on the forum did a DIY using 3 amber LEDs. Try running a search and it should pop up.
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