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  1. It definitely cleans up the front and sets it apart though. Go for it!
  2. You purchased a new set of High Country headlights? That must have been a pretty penny. When I was working the logistics of sending off my RST LED headlights to have the amber lens removed I considered buying another set to use while the lights were being moded until I saw the price!
  3. I have a weigh safe hitch: https://www.weigh-safe.com They are built like a tank and have a built in tongue weight scale. Highly recommended!
  4. I powder coated the 20 inch wheels on our BMW X5M Gloss Black and they came out great. No issues after 30,000 miles.
  5. I think it was around $300 but if you contact Phil he can give you an exact quote. Also, you will have to factor in shipping as these lights are huge when packed and it will need to be insured for about $2,000.
  6. I think it was around $300 but if you contact Phil he can give you an exact quote. Also, you will have to factor in shipping as these lights are huge when packed and it will need to be insured for about $2,000.
  7. I've done it to my Silverado. Phil Sheridan at Fastheadlights can help you out with this. He can be reached on this forum at "fastws6ta" (https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/profile/134157-fastws6ta/) or at his website https://www.fastheadlights.com/default.asp. I had to ship off my headlights, he cracked them open using an oven, put a cover over the amber running light, then removed the amber lens and replaced it with a clear lens. After that he resealed it and shipped it back to me. I've posted pics of the end product below He can also do custom paint on the inside of the light housing.
  8. Heat gun to peel it off and rubbing alcohol for the residue.
  9. The lower Valance on my RST comes in black plastic. I had to replace that part with the lower valance from a High Country and the Chrome piece that goes over it. From there the chrome piece was painted white and immediately wrapped in Paint Protection Film and ceramic coated. I don’t have the part numbers but any dealership parts department will help you out.
  10. The hood looks like it was stolen off a Tundra TRD Pro...
  11. I did it! After my RST was rear ended, the dealer replaced my non-dual exhaust bumper with a dual exhaust bumper. From there I had them paint the exhaust ports black and I did my rear laser jammer install as seen below:
  12. Didn't look up the fender badge since I have a Silverado and it won't fit. You can stop by the dealership and take a pic of the VIN off an Elevation on the lot and take it to their parts department. They will be able to look up the part based on the VIN number easily.
  13. Remove and send off your headlights to https://www.fastheadlights.com. They will open them up and place a cover over the amber running light preventing the light from emitting. From there they will replace the orange lens with a clear lens and reseal. I've had them for almost a year and the reseal has been bullet proof. Absolutely no fogging or condensation. In my opinion it really cleans up the front end. It can be done on the Sierra as well. The owner of fast headlights, Phil Sheridan, is great to work with and will communicate with you every step of the way.
  14. So I was looking to get all the trim/columns in GLOSS black. Basically any piece that touches a window. Unfortunately the RST comes with nothing but the "basic black plastic." I took a visit to a few shops to try and get ALL pieces wrapped in gloss black. They all told me that it wouldn't come out clean if they did it over the "basic black plastic" due to it not being 100% smooth... but it would be no problem if it was chrome due to it being smooth. So I started doing the some research and discovered that the Sierra elevation's trim/column pieces are different than any other Silverado/Sierra model in that everything that touches a window is gloss black and not the "basic black plastic." I wish I was able to wrap 100% of it as it would have saved me a lot of money and my OCD won't let me do a few pieces. It's all or nothing...
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