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  1. I love mine. Shoot me a PM if you ever plan on getting Laser Defense. I just installed an ALP system with 3 heads in the front and 3 in the back on my RST.
  2. I found the packaging with the three different options for the boost mod. Here is the link for the reverse/cargo light option: www.boostautoparts.com/products/reverse
  3. So my non dual exhaust white RST was rear ended recently and I had the dealer order me the dual exhaust bumper as a replacement. My GM branded performance exhaust is cut under the truck so the end pipe doesn't stick out the side and frees up the exhaust slots. After painting the exhaust slots black I placed my Laser Jammer Sensors in them and sealed them with black infrared glass. Pics can be found here: I'd recommend going to the dealer, finding the type of bumper you want on one of the existing trucks on the lot and take of picture of the VIN. Take that pic to their parts department and they can look up the bumper and order.
  4. So it's really weird. They don't advertise it on their website, however, when I received the part there was 3 stickers on the packaging with links to the installation videos for: 1. Fogs on with high beams. 2. Fogs automatically turn on with lights 3. Cargo Lamp (and the little LED hitch light on the tailgate handle) on with reverse lights. The same parts did all three, so I went ahead and order another two. I can't tell you exactly how it was done due to having a shop install them... you can probably call boost directly. All three mods work flawlessly.
  5. I've got the Boost Auto fogs on with head lights, fogs on with high beams and bed cargo lamp on with reverse lights. They all work flawlessly.
  6. Directly from my local dealer’s parts department.
  7. Not if you place Paint Protection Film on it.
  8. I replaced the plastic lower bumper on my RST with the lower bumper off a high country. I then had the chrome painted and immediately placed Paint Protection Film (PPF) over it. No issues here.
  9. If the wrap doesn't work out, your dealer sells color matched caps for the side view mirrors.
  10. Give them a call and ask if it will work on a custom. Right now it's one of the only (if not the only) behind the grill solutions that wont force you to modify the active grill. I'm happy with it and Baja Designs is a very reputable company that makes top notch products.
  11. Your spot on with the huge embossed Chevrolet on the tailgate. Anyone know if the the standard Sierra Tailgate (non multi-pro) would fit on a Silverado?
  12. Full debadge here. I agree, a much cleaner look. Doesn’t effect trade in value.
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