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  1. Oh, and yes I did do front and back with three heads on each. Here is a link to my build page with pics of the set up: I do plan on upgrading my radar detector to the Radenso Theia (https://radenso.com/collections/radar-detectors/products/radenso-theia) when it comes out later this year. Also plan on upgrading my dash cam system to the Blackvue 2 channel DR900X when it's released.
  2. It wasn't cheap... It was about two thousand for the install. Normally doesn't run that much to install these, however, I had the front and back plus they needed to do some engineering/fabricating for the rear. I don't remember how much I paid for the Anti Laser Priority (ALP) system but I did purchase directly from their website: https://www.alpriorityusa.com The escort radar detector and laser jammers definitely give me piece of my while driving.
  3. I swapped out my my color matched non dual exhaust RST bumper with a the color matched dual exhaust version to house my laser jammers. I went to my local dealership and found what I was looking for on one of the trucks on the their lot. From there I snapped a pic of the VIN and proceeded to their parts department. Parts department took that VIN and looked up/ordered the parts I was interested in. Once the parts arrived I had them painted and installed.
  4. Someone on the forum did a DIY using 3 amber LEDs. Try running a search and it should pop up.
  5. I've painted over the chrome on my front lower bumper. Just make sure it is wrapped in Paint Protection Film immediately.
  6. I've done it. If you run a search there should be plenty of discussion on this topic.
  7. Not for me as well. But I'm all about debadging and removing any stickers for a clean simple look. To each their own though...
  8. Thanks. Just ordered them as well.
  9. Thanks! The size and orientation is what initially drew me to blackvue and I then I found out they are ARGUABLY the top Dashcam company around. Another good Dashcam company is Thinkware, however, their cams are bit too bulky to me.
  10. I have 5% on the rear and 30% on my entire front windshield and have no issues recording or viewing the videos. If you use a blackvue model it will tuck behind your rear view mirror and you will never notice it. I've attached pic I found off the blackvue website. As far as finding a simple dashcam... go to www.blackboxmycar.com and do some digging on their site. They have walk throughs that will break down the different dash cams for you. The owner of blackboxmycar is also on the video above. Hope this helps.
  11. Yup. I plan on snagging up the X as soon as it comes out next month
  12. Here is what you're looking for. Breaks down the different tiers of dash cams: Budget, two channel, 4k, ride share and accessories.
  13. Ceramic Pro makes a coating for plastics. https://ceramic-pro.com/en/shop/product-line/product/plastic/ It's worked great so far on my truck.
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