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    2019 Custom Trailboss
  1. Mine doesn't have them either
  2. What model - does it have the new 5.3 with dfm
  3. Just a thought I've been watching this thread - has this happened to the base / custom / custom work truck / custom trail boss - because these trucks if are a V8 have the L82 engine with AFM - just wondering maybe it's slightly different - the Lt and up models have that new dfm engine l84 - maybe different crimp - hose in different location - something different ??????
  4. Loud AC /Blower motor.

    Yes it is noisy because there are no underpanels covering it - if you look up at passenger side under glove box it's right there - 2018 and previous were enclosed + the only positive is if you ever need to change it - would only be a 5min job -
  5. Custom trail boss exhaust

    Apparently the custom Trailboss has last year's engine so it won't fit
  6. I have been told by my dealer that gm performance exhaust will not fit the 2019 custom trail boss - tried to email gm and they refer back to dealer - anybody overhear If they will release one ?
  7. Has anybody tried to pop the blank cover off to see if the wiring is there - if so it might be possible to purchase the switch and add it ??
  8. I just recently purchase a 2019 custom Trailboss - it comes with these Tires LT275/65R18C MT BLACKWALL GOODYEAR WRANGLER DURATRAC (STD) - I noticed there seems to be lots of road noise even at lower speeds - I've never owned a vehicle with tires like this and have read reviews that they are quite noisy - even at slower speeds - just wondering what other owners say

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