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  1. As was said above ... Chevy has done nothing for a decade, the interiors still suck, they are still playing catch up to dodge even ..
  2. lol .... oh come on, you're reaching there ... it looks NOTHING like a f150, are you on drugs? lol GMC in the past has always been a step above chevy in style, not now. You people defending this atrocity are the problem ... there's nothing attractive about these new trucks .. yes, beauty is very subjective, but come on! It's been YEARS since chevy has done anything 'class' leading in design.
  3. Not a troll, really not happy with what Chevy has offered though .. the same tired motor bumped up to unexciting specs .. a horrid interior design from the eighties .. a good awful front end ... Nope, Chevy has lost me, I've never bought anything else .. but I'm not buying this p.o.s. they came out with.
  4. I guess if you like pugs, that god awful front end will remind you of one.
  5. That thing looks like shit, I'm so disappointed with these 2020's ...
  6. Interesting ... muffler deletes and cutouts sound like crap ... unless you're 16 I guess. If you want a decent rumble without annoying noise look at Walker Quiet Flows, I put a couple on my 6.0, after trying magnaflow and then some dynomax turbos that got too loud, these are perfect at idle and accelerating .. very quiet at highway speeds.
  7. really? that's all you have to say? I suppose you're ok with chevy being last place? open your eyes ..
  8. How about being baffled by NOT being able to get a long bed with a v8 except in a WT, whine all you want but chevy has dropped the ball big time .. they're last place in everything now, suspect design, crappy interiors, no options that make a difference.. I've driven nothing but chevy my entire life ... up to now, screw you chevy, I've waited over 10 years for a decent new chevy truck and it ain't happening now, I'm done buying any new chevrolets.
  9. I'm south of fort worth ... I've seen 1 on the road so far, nothing but new dodges and fords it seems.
  10. ha! that's as ridiculous as all the useless short beds they do now ... or is it?
  11. what's up with the jacked up wheel well shape? someone had to try hard to get it that ugly ..
  12. you obviously haven't been in the 'used' truck market ... around here it's almost cheaper to order a truck than buy some ragged out truck for 90% of new ..
  13. I'm not hauling a trailer around ... I guess most people don't buy trucks to work out of the days, most truck purchases are for 'lifestyle' trucks, useless cute little beds, and loaded up like a caddy 30 years ago .. I may wait and look at the new HD trucks, but I'm not hopeful .. Right now if I want to buy a gas motored 3/4 it'd be a Ford, no question.
  14. you don't need to be a dick .. I promise I've owned more chevys than you. if you're happy with chevy not being the best, that's great, I expect more, and they used to deliver ..
  15. that is my point ... chevy is coming out with a 6.6 ... and ford with a 7.3, how are you not understanding this? annnnnd it doesn't look to have that much more than hp/tq than the 6.2 @ 385/430 .....I'm reading 400/450 for the 6.6, that's hardly what I would call dominate, and ford's 7.3 will kill that figure.
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