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  1. I agree! Bigger rims are fine with certain vehicles but I prefer less rim and more tire from a comfort and off-road standpoint.
  2. Just to give my experience so far: I purchased a 2016 Sierra SLE Double Cab with 33,XXX miles earlier this year. Since then (knock-on-wood) I haven't had a single issue and currently sit at 49,XXX miles. Truck drives great and the only money I've put in to it is for things I wanted but didn't need (Bilstein 5100's, New Tires, Fluid changes for the diffs and TC). I can't help but tinker with the vehicles I own. Like others have stated, do some thorough test drives and don't settle until you find what you want. Remember that you can go on any auto forum and find problems with any make and model. Using forums as your barometer for whether a certain make/model is reliable or not gives a lot of one-sided information - many of these trucks are on the road with perfectly happy owners who do not have any issues. YMMV
  3. Had Bilstein 5100's installed on the top notch then added some BFG TA ko2 in 285/70R17 Load C on my stock rims. Really like the set-up so far. There may be a the slightest rub at full lock in reverse on an angle but for 99.9% of the time there is no issue.
  4. Here is mine. New to me earlier this year and have been slowly getting it how I want. Bilstein 5100 all around (top notch) 285/70R17 BFG AT KO2 Stock 17's
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