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  1. UPDATE: Dealer couldn’t figure it out. He said to bring it in again and they’re going to try to update the ECM. They’re not sure if the ECM will even fix the issue or not. Apparently their network was down so they were not able to carry out that update today. Apparently I’m the first out of everyone to experience this issue according to GM so yay me.
  2. To be honest, I hate the feature too. But I just want to be sure to fix it because I don’t know how it can affect the vehicle in the long run! Haha but for sure I will post what they find out once they tell me!
  3. Not working as in the truck is not turning off when it should (at a complete stop with foot on the brake pedal). So I turned off the Climate control completely, and the truck still does not turn off. I even read the manual where it says if it is on a steep hill, it will not turn off. To test that, I was on a completely flat road and the truck still did not turn off at the red light.
  4. Is anyone else having an issue where the automatic start-stop feature on the vehicle stopped working? I just got the truck about 3 weeks ago (Brand New) and this is the only feature giving me an issue. It worked at first, but after driving it a week, it has not worked since. The only modification I have done on the truck is change out the License Plate light bulbs from halogen to LED. I'm at the dealership right now and they can't figure it out, so they are trying to contact GM regarding this issue. No error codes showing up according to them.
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