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  1. Hello all, I’m wanting to install one of those led strips under my tailgate that do the brake lights and reverse lights. Most all of them come with a 4 pin trailer hookup but on my 2008 all I have is the 7 pin. It seems that I saw somewhere that someone makes an adapter that plugs into the module under the bed and lets the 7 pin hookup pass through it while also creating a 4 pin out. I would love to do this instead of hardwiring like I did on my old 2004, anybody know who makes this adapter or what it’s called? Thanks in advance!
  2. You would likely need new fenders, grill, and bumper to make them fit. The Sierra’s headlights are slanted on the back whereas the Silverado’s are vertical Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. You can also run it into the cab at the main wiring harness entry point on the drivers side of the cab. I run my 4 gauge amplifier wire in through there. It comes out just above the fuse box in the footwell under the dash. Just be easy and not poke holes in the rubber boot when you try and fish it through. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Motofab Level

    You know, I didn’t even notice I don’t have torsion bars when I put it on. Guess I’ll be buying blocks soon.
  5. Motofab Level

    100 miles or so
  6. Motofab Level

    I may end up having to do that but I’m not really wanting to sink more money into it at the moment
  7. Motofab Level

    Hello all, i recently put a 2 inch top of strut billet aluminum leveling kit on my 2008 Silverado. Truck looks great, but it has made the front half and inch higher than the rear and I’m not a fan of the lean look. Any ideas on how to correct this? I thought about turning down the keys a bit but don’t know how it would affect ride quality. Thanks in advance!

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