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  1. first service today at dealer, 6500 miles. Told them about brake issue, they checked and told me all my brakes are above 95% near brand new! They reset the indicators to 100%
  2. first service at dealer 6500 miles no signs of any oil leakage anywhere including cooler lines and crimps, at least that's what I was told!
  3. they lied! brought truck in for first service now they say $840 installed for xm...wtf!
  4. ok so you don't drive one, you don't own one....wtf are you doing here?
  5. mine has tons of options...need to add a few minor annoying things but for 35k otd it's the best w/t I have owned. At least you get to drive one at work, you prolly drive a tundra or prius at home
  6. no you get what you pay for! $30 bulbs are $30 bulbs...
  7. yup just got home from first night drive...what a diff ! love these!
  8. installed and fit no problem, tight getting hands in there. seem to wrk great should be nice at night!
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