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  1. just got this email response from them so there may be some light at the end of the tunnel "They are not on back order but due to the strike GM has not shipped any of these parts out to any GM dealerships.. Unfortunately we may be looking about another 3-4 weeks before parts are being shipped out. "
  2. ya sucks we have to spend $300 for something so stupid that should be there imo
  3. don't hold your breath they are back ordered indefinitely I'm told
  4. oh yes i wish i had the 6.2! hurry up with the tunes for these 5.3's pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
  5. good luck! they been on back order for months with no estimate when they will be available. get in line for $299.99
  6. yep been back orderd for a while I'm waiting on one too!
  7. I just pit in the kicker box and changed the door speakers to JBL and the dash to Kenwoods sounds much better. CTB non bose...
  8. 2nd oil change (they reset the indicator at the first oil change) brake indicator says front 18%. dealer says they are 90%+.
  9. anybody install this? is there a usb in the back of the radio that I'm not seeing? or do I have to have a cable running to the usb in the front?
  10. so are 6.5 a direct fit for the doors? 2-3/4 dash? anybody confirm this before I buy?
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