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  1. https://hackettstownrotary.org/event/25th-annual-memorial-motor-madness/
  2. What engine? We have a 3.6l its brand new will have to keep an eye on it. Any chance they forgot to reset it. My "other" brand I did at 5k never reset and it sent a message at 7k to do it. Then again at 8k to reset. I finally reset it. I just go by miles anymore.
  3. Have you tried a USB version? I was having power supply issues amd fuse coordination was tricky, I"ve had good luck with my toaster moving to USB power.
  4. IDK really, maybe get a dash cam off Amazon and have it record your display changes and these text messages. Post that up on youtube. They are like $90. Do you have a GPS? https://thehackernews.com/2018/01/gps-location-tracking.html?m=1 On a less serious note, Do you have a cat? Or do you see cats near your vehicle often.. ???
  5. Good or bad I'm on GM vehicle #3 this month. I could not do a 1500 at this time, numbers would not work out for me or our company. I don't know if it was just the local inventory was not over full or what, or they needed to move some other stuff, but I could not find a 1500 for close to what I paid for any of my 3 Rams, 2-1500's, 1-2500. After debating it with my local dealer we thought April was about as good as they have seen it for my situation, I looked for 5mo for the Suburban to get where it was. I don't have month restrictions so I can buy these whenever. So I ju
  6. Strut is super free if you have any electrican friends, its thrown out daily at every job site. Then I would do some measurements on RC car wheels? Looks like a great idea. Might have to try this one out.
  7. If you get in a bind.... Any technical schools near you like UTI, or Lincoln Tech, or community college with an auto program.... Kids in the afternoom class that get off work early hang out near by before class. Usually starts at 3pm or 3:30, so like 2pm'ish Find the closest gas station/mini mart, 90% of them will have pick up trucks, with stacks (huge exhausts) and tow mirrors, they will hang out before class, go up and ask them for some help. This is a very serious response as I was one of those kids 23 years ago and would have been glad to he
  8. We just went forward facing with ours last Sunday only made 2 rides with it so far, so have some catching up to do. Our daughter enjoys the front facing so far. Will try out the seatbelt set up.
  9. If the repair does not work out, there are many new take off's out there for various reasons. I have a 1500lb tommy gate on my truck, they were going to "trash" the bumper and tailgate,,,,, when I asked for the bumper and the tailgate they were surprised, I figured it was a no brainer to grab the gate and bumper, I paid for it. Can try www.car-part.com if local craigslist does not work out.
  10. Does it have the latch system back there, I read with our new seat that the "latch" system was only good to 40lbs? We have a little while till we hit that weight, and was surprised to read that with our seat. Will just have to figure out the seatbelt thing at that time.
  11. Going back to what you thought you were towing, your more than fine, I think you might be heavy on that quoted tounge weight but you over estimated which is the better way to go. You got this covered......IMO your in the weeds going over way too many #'s, pick a decent drop value for your ball mount, or maybe they even rent them at Uhaul with tthe trailer, IDK, hook up the trailer, load it, strap it down and, get home and get wrenching.... Sounds like you wont be pulling much or often so try not to overspend on some super fancy set up. Happy motoring...?
  12. Class 3 hitch can be used with a standard ball mount or a WD set up. Weight Distribution is a type of ball mount system with some bars and sometimes sway control depending how fancy you get. Check out etrailer.com enter your truck info it will go over the rest. Don't forget to check for a local trailer place they can set you up usually cheaper then most online places and have better service. I went with a weigh-safe ball mount very nice set up, some even have built in scales, mine did not. Another great reference. https://www.curtmf
  13. Looks good, have fun,, I moved my sisters and BIL's 34' first week of April to their new camp site. Great family memories camping and going to the races. Of course we forgot to check the very last awning on the rear and he had to adjust it later that week, but was fun moving it and getting it into place.
  14. GM Conquest rebates are really high right now, look at the marketting and commericals, I know GM is all in on grabbing anyone and everyone. Most of those numbers listed 13%-20% off MSRP include some sort of 1998 or newer different mfg in the household. You don't get any special treatment with having the brand in house already. Certain leases carry additional rebates, but once again being free and clear and repeate buyer will did not pay off in my case this month. As a current all Chevy household (my business excluded) ,which I have been for a long time also, my rebates were less ha
  15. Even if they don't give you any $ back. Let them know, they always are asking for 10s on those stupid dealer survey's. Maybe the next person will benefit from your complaints. They must not sell many diesel's.
  16. I hope so, I picked up a Colorado this week for my business, IMO over priced for what they are, but it was that or another Ram 1500. Figure would give the Colorado a shot and see how it holds up, a 1500 anything was just big for what we needed. I bought my personal Suburban this month and the dealer was pretty good to work with on that, I figure would try them out for my business needs. Ram has nothing midsized and will not have anything, the Ranger is out for sure at this time, they are doing well with those around here, not many in WT trim yet just hanging out. This Chevy de
  17. Was looking around, toggle tow haul swaps batt volt for transmission temp. Also added oil psi when not present. Also might add 17.5HP in TH mode not sure......? Standard View Technology View Media View
  18. If I push the info button on my '19 Suburban here are the 4 screens that it cycles thru. I could not find a simple software ID number, under software information from the cluster it said open source with some website address, from the infotainment system it had a few very long numbers under the software info for the map and the sort. Same message and website thing .
  19. Same for my '19...... But my '18 Ram 2500 Tradesman (lowest trim available) has a nice cover, if I actually opened it.... happy to ruin another thread with the Ram....???
  20. Perto Canada had the most info for the fluid without calling them. (Im sure a quick call to any of these places just ask for a app engineer and they should have someone available to answer some basic info) I wanted to know if the non OEM brands were the same and how different the actual specs are. This is as far as I got to actual compare the data.... But the fluid is pretty solid stuff. Seals and internals maybe someone else has some technical data on those. The elevated temps do not appear to be an issue fluid wise, atf.pdf
  21. Maybe GM has a tech line to explain the reason behind their temps, this sounds normal for that vehicle and might not be an issue at all, but as mentioned above you do have some simple options to lower that if you would like too. The fluid is fine at that range I did a bunch or research of about 7 brands of DexVI and it's a pretty neat oil spec wise. I have not moved on to the seals and clutch plates yet to look at the temperature rating wise its on my short list. I'm rebuiding a trans from the case up, so Im just curious for my build after I get it all back together. If
  22. No doubt, I tried to get 200k out of my 2010, I did pretty decent maintenance maybe 5500 avg on oil changes Mobil1, always did the AT, coolant, brake fluid, PS flushes, upper end cleaner, but even still It would use almost 4qt in a cycle at the end, dash was cracked, ac was broken, mirrors were shot, I know the '19 is no better has a lower rating crash wise and resale is not looking good with a bunch of places already they are discounting them pretty deep so that never helps, but I dont see much out there that I would be willing to chance it on, I kinda know what to expect already out of it. I
  23. Yeah its hard to get it all 100% for the win, the extra rental and the sort is always good, especially if the family is in the thing going somewhere. I have the 6.2 10sp should be pretty figured out by now, I had things I could have fixed on my 10' that I choose to let slide, rear camera would flake out, side mirrors acted messed up, rear defroster cable broke off, I did finally fix that. So figure if the same starts to go south will try to keep up on it.
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