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  1. Owners Manual Pouch

    Same for my '19...... But my '18 Ram 2500 Tradesman (lowest trim available) has a nice cover, if I actually opened it.... happy to ruin another thread with the Ram....😂😂😂
  2. Perto Canada had the most info for the fluid without calling them. (Im sure a quick call to any of these places just ask for a app engineer and they should have someone available to answer some basic info) I wanted to know if the non OEM brands were the same and how different the actual specs are. This is as far as I got to actual compare the data.... But the fluid is pretty solid stuff. Seals and internals maybe someone else has some technical data on those. The elevated temps do not appear to be an issue fluid wise, atf.pdf
  3. Maybe GM has a tech line to explain the reason behind their temps, this sounds normal for that vehicle and might not be an issue at all, but as mentioned above you do have some simple options to lower that if you would like too. The fluid is fine at that range I did a bunch or research of about 7 brands of DexVI and it's a pretty neat oil spec wise. I have not moved on to the seals and clutch plates yet to look at the temperature rating wise its on my short list. I'm rebuiding a trans from the case up, so Im just curious for my build after I get it all back together. If you download the fluid docs its actually the Low side they have seemed to focus on, cold weather seems to be much more of a concearn for these transmission's is the common theme I ran across, that could be a bunch of copy paste going on as well so they fit into the qualification group for "DEX VI". None of them were focusing on the high end in their description of the fluid, the specs are there for the high end.
  4. No doubt, I tried to get 200k out of my 2010, I did pretty decent maintenance maybe 5500 avg on oil changes Mobil1, always did the AT, coolant, brake fluid, PS flushes, upper end cleaner, but even still It would use almost 4qt in a cycle at the end, dash was cracked, ac was broken, mirrors were shot, I know the '19 is no better has a lower rating crash wise and resale is not looking good with a bunch of places already they are discounting them pretty deep so that never helps, but I dont see much out there that I would be willing to chance it on, I kinda know what to expect already out of it. I loved my past 2 tahoes even with the issues. I needed the extra space family is growing and I did not want to go minivan or 4DR pick up. My wife took one solo ride in the '19 and is already a big fan of the vehicle. I have this dream this is going to be the one, will let you know in 2029 and see how it went.
  5. Yeah its hard to get it all 100% for the win, the extra rental and the sort is always good, especially if the family is in the thing going somewhere. I have the 6.2 10sp should be pretty figured out by now, I had things I could have fixed on my 10' that I choose to let slide, rear camera would flake out, side mirrors acted messed up, rear defroster cable broke off, I did finally fix that. So figure if the same starts to go south will try to keep up on it.
  6. I went 7yr 125k, $2100. No clue if its a great deal best deal ever, I'm happy with my selection. I figure some warranty is better than no warranty. I never used the last 2, but I had them.
  7. Did you do the weigh-safe? I had good luck with them. Mine was 21" to the bottom. Its a Class V different but the same. Same deal was listed 17" trailer, I did not get the scale version but would have if I knew it was an option. I did not need as much as I thought but the 10" will allow me to do smaller trailers. Same comment on depend on the trailer for sure.
  8. Trans temps

    Well I can't tow with this thing it's just a grocery getter..... Have most of the fleet above. 11' Traverse heading up the driveway that has 140k on it . Had 07' Tahoe Z71 139k 10' Tahoe LTZ 170k So have a little Chevy seat time. My daughter has her red Ford Raptor, there, so I'm a equal oppurtunity offender. Cars are all about rebates, and financing anymore, who has the best deal month to month, Chevy did not have the #'s when I needed a 2500. Plus my local dealer has like no stock of work trucks ever, maybe 6 Corvette's, a few sub compacts, plain jane midsize, a few super high end pickups, and the rest is other brand preowned, its sad really. Drove about 55min for my 19' Suburban to get the best deal, passed 2 other Chevy dealers. Getting back to the thread, heat really does kill transmissions, regardless of the name brand.
  9. I'm confident its NOT, stress NOT bird poop. Look up page 17 of your warranty book. It appears to be more like some sort of chemical paint spoting from some odd weather and atmospheric condition. Unless you purchased the additional warrany for the paint. Read the fine print and present it from within the warranty not from the outside trying talk your way into the warranty..... 2018 Page 17 Limited Warranty and Owners Assistance Manual "Chemical Paint Spotting: Some weather and atmospheric conditions can create a chemical fallout. Airborne pollutants can fall upon and adhere to painted surfaces on your vehicle. This damage can take two forms: blotchy, ring-shaped discolorations, and/or small irregular dark spots etched into the paint surface. Although no defect in the factory applied paint causes this, Chevrolet will repair, at no charge to the owner, the painted surfaces of new vehicles damaged by this fallout condition within 12 months or 12,000miles of purchase, whichever comes first." Register with chevrolet.com owners section and it will provide you exact dates for your miles and warranty status based on your VIN.
  10. Trans temps

    I have had a two Tahoe's since 07, now into a 19' Suburban....... thats why I joined this forum, glad to see the GM forum is as "heated" as the Ram forum I'm also on. So I'll throw some oranges out there... My daily driver is a 18' Dodge 2500 gas powered 6.4L with 6spd 66RFE, here is a comparison after towing a 9600lb trailer last week about 30miles thru some decent grades 10% in spots. Now ambient was 39deg but water and oil both in the 200's, Trans in the 170s. Its a stock work truck has the plow package better coolers and the sort made for work for sure. I keep an eye on my temps, that is my default display. Heat kills transmission's plain amd simple, I am a trained SCIE going on about 19yrs started just after Y2K. I'm sure just like Ram, the new displays show a made up number from some algorithms from various inputs, so alot of these reading we are looking at are not real..... but lets say they are real for now. 195 and into the 200s IMO is pretty hot for a "stock" trans, I would be figuring out a better cooler set up for my ride. Or make sure the temp is from a reliable location in the system.
  11. Towing issue

    I found some good info on my new Suburban in the trailer guide. https://www.chevrolet.com/truck-life/trailering-and-towing-guide The Max Towing with the extra added oil coolers is nice. And long term you will need it, really need to watch trans temps and oil temps without those. Which I dont have but I do have a factory trailer brake controller. Odd they would do that. Weight distributing hitch would be a must, no surprise there, watch your tongue weight, axle rating, and installed tire rating, as to not exceed you GVWR or the individual ratings of any item. Unsure on tounge weight you can also use a bathroom scale with some wood set up that method is listed in most trailer owners manuals. It's a neat trick I ran across in my research, recently towed a 35' camper was about 9600lb with a different vehicle. Weight Safe makes a neat ball mount with a built in scale for tounge weight. They are very slick products I have a Class V version no scale but very nice on a different truck. https://www.weigh-safe.com/ GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating) for mine is listed in that guide at 14k. Would I feel comfortable towing at the upper end, nope.... says max trailer weight of 7,900 again for mine. Would have to weigh the truck with to get a base line. Since 7500 GVWR + 7900 GTW is 15,400 which is over the GCWR. Not sure what the buffer actually is loaded truck and trailer vs unloaded truck and trailer. There is no requirement for "Max Trailering" anything listed, just common sense applies these are not inexpensive vehicles so why beat them into the ground. Air Bags and coolers are the way to go if you can afford them. Alot of the trailers are listed how they calculated the weight, with water, without... with fuel tanks full... ect..... look that up for the trailer you are looking at. Also alot of places will deliver and set up your trailer for you if you dont plan on moving around. Do the homework, work out the math, happy motoring.... Here is what I moved last week, not with my Chevy. This would squat both my Chevy's. And be very unsafe.
  12. I was quoted $2350 for 5yr 125k miles on the GMPP. (Guessing that is the GM Platinum Plan) new to this forum so need to catch up on the acronyms. I just traded a 10' tahoe in that had 180k miles never needed a warranty, had it 100k warranty for first 3 years. Before that I put 140k on a 07' Tahoe, never needed warranty. Had issues none of which were covered and then asked if I had the warranty would it have been and they always said no. So they say I have 3 days to decide on that quote? Trying to figure out the next move on this one. My gut feeling is dont need it but......

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