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  1. My GPS on the display has a slash through it due to shark fin disconnect. I wonder if it has another hidden antenna. This would explain ALOT for me. '15 sierra. Just took the truck for a spin and text alerts "on" the whole time, could not turn it off. (2hrs). Tried the battery disconnect for 15 mins, no luck. Trust me when I say a certain annoying group are tracking me through my truck. I'm pretty sure the one person is very good hacker and my truck has been broken into while I was sleeping this one night. I'm wondering if a reflash would solve anything, replacement of a module or some shit. C
  2. Good thought but no phone involved with this on my end. Damn I wish I could find that article again.
  3. Thanks for the info. I've had the ONSTAR disabled for some time now. I once read an article about "text alerts" being "on" or "off" under the text icon on the display, obviously, but having trouble finding this article again. I remember it mentioned that it is a way to tell if the system is hacked, forced "on". I'm just assuming someone could receive vehicle info from it through an app or some other program. Mine seems to be forced "on" at times without me being able to turn it "off". Any other time I can switch it on or off at will, normal operation. Just not sure how it's possible with ante
  4. How is it possible to have a vehicle tracked without a connected sharkfin antenna, also info about the vehicle, speed, location, etc? Is there some internal antenna somewhere I'm not aware of? The remotelink app would need this antenna to communicate I'm assuming.
  5. New to forum. How's ya? I was looking for some input on how someone can be tracking my vehicle. I've disconnected the shark fin. Is there some internal antenna involved, an account linked to my truck. I suspect they somehow obtained the software info from my vehicle because I know it's been broken into(no physical damage from entry), things stolen. The text alerts option on the display stays "on" sometimes without me being able to turn it off which I read somewhere that is a sign it's hacked(they get phone text about my driving info).Can someone crash course me on this. I know for a fact
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