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  1. I have almost 4k on my RST 5.3, and my only complaint is the radio won't connect with apple car play every now and again, and I have to reset it. I have had the trans jerk/slam a couple of times, but it has more or less stopped doing it. The truck has had some dealer time though, recalls and updates they applied while I was having them install the rear wheel well liners and the Kicker sub.
  2. I haven't looked into the gearing of the transmissions, but I would wager a 2-speed transfer case is almost certainly getting to the point of being unnecessary. In my older trucks with fewer options of gears in the transmission, it had its place. I can only assume that the 8 and 10-speed transmissions could have taller 1st without giving up a shorter top gear. If GM did their research which I would hope they did. I would wager after the gears in the trans and diffs your ratios may even come out to nearly the same even without it. This is the only way that I could see making sense of not having the 2-speed transfer case. In any case, I don't use four low in my trucks that have it. But outside of my 19 RST, they have 4.10 rears and 6.32 & 5.72 first gears. Also, I think there would be an argument in there somewhere that if you needed a truck to do something that would require even lower gearing, you should probably be looking at the HD's anyways.
  3. Did you install the running boards yourself? I am thinking of getting them ordered next week.
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