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  1. I had the 2019 RST and it was full of issues. The replacement 2020 has zero issue. I can't say for sure about the differential sound because the temperature hasn't reached a high enough mark to make the sound yet. I'll know more late spring or summer. I have always loved Chevrolet and their trucks. This is my 6th and my last.
  2. I’ve had 3 differentials and they all are defective. I told them this 4 months ago.
  3. I replied earlier but somehow didn't upload. I'm still in the process of the buyback. With each case worker I speak with the details change. One hoop after another to jump through.
  4. I’ve had so many issues with my 2019 RST and still have them. The differential has been replaced twice and it still chirps at higher speeds but isn’t so bad the slower ya go. The transmission has all but been replaced and it still slams into gear like someone rear ended me. Last week I went to the lake and was pulling my bass boat up a pretty big hill and the truck shook and vibrated like it was gonna explode. Worst purchase I’ve ever made. Hope it’s just a lemon and I got unlucky. Still working on a replacement truck. The process of that alone is an extremely agonizing one. Hope to see a fix soon.
  5. Well an update sorta. Thursday GM called me and told me they were going to replace my truck with a new one of equal feature. They said they'd call me back today with details but have not heard from them. Tried calling my rep but no answer and no returned call after leaving a couple of messages. Thursday during the call they wanted to three way call the BBB and drop my complaint immediately. I told them no and now I'm back to being ignored it seems. Poor customer service and it doesn't seem to bother them. I spoke with the lady from the BBB today and she said I had eligible Lemon Law case so I guess that's the route I'm gonna have to go. Can't believe how long this has gone on and how out of touch the people that can actually really help you are.
  6. I’ve had transmission problems, differential noises, lifters collapsing and seat rattles. I’ve had problems since the second week I owned it and GM called me today and told me they were “reviewing” my case still. It’s been 2 months that I’ve a case opened with them. They keep putting me off hoping I’ll go away. I can’t believe the runaround I’ve been given. It’s almost too ridiculous to be true.
  7. I have been in touch with an attorney and I guess I'm hoping GM will make it right without having to go that route. I more than have enough prerequisites to go the lemon law way and I can't figure why GM wouldn't just get me a new truck instead of turning me against them and losing a customer. Now I just want my money back and get out of my loan with GM. I loved all my Silverados but will most likely never buy another one.
  8. My dealership was not allowed to order my parts to fix it because I had filed a complaint with the BBB. Irony at its finest. I’ve had transmission problems as well as lifters collapsing and a minor seat rattle. Wanted a buyback but have been turned down twice. If I was GM I wouldn’t want to buy my truck back either. I have zero confidence in GM taking care of their customers. This purchase has been a nightmare
  9. 400 mile mark is the first time I heard it. If you drive short distances or if it’s cool outside it won’t do it.
  10. I've tried to let them do the right thing. Not gonna happen evidently. I've already been in contact with one. Thanks.
  11. I have had the same issue since the 400 mile mark. They have replaced the differential twice with no resolution. I also have transmission issues that my truck has been in the shop for 30 days this time alone. It's been in the shop for over 55 days total and I bought it on April 9th 2109. GM refused my buyback and said they'd just keep on fixing it under warranty. This is my 4th Silverado and I will never own another GM vehicle. The differential still makes the chirping noise at higher speeds now but is still loud enough to hear over the engine and radio. When you drive the truck for about an hour the transmission will slam in to 1st gear as you slow down to come to a stop. Feels like someone rear ends my truck. After being told it was normal, GM admits there is a major problem and now shipping my dealership additional parts to throw another band aid at it and hope I give up I guess. It slammed so hard once that the sales manager wouldn't drive my truck because he thought it was unsafe to drive. That was 2 months ago. I was on the highway running 72 going around a curve and it slammed into gear and the truck shook. I thought the car beside me had hit me almost causing a wreck. My son was asleep in the back and woke up thinking we wrecked. They did offer me additional warranty but can't fix either issues I have under the initial warranty. I have several videos of the issues that I'll post in a few.
  12. Hope I have the same outcome. Hoping for the best. Congrats!! Just wish GM would split my payment this month since it's been being worked on more than not. Lol
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