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  1. BBB first then try a lawyer. I got mine settled without a lawyer. Look into Transfer of collateral..
  2. Do not give in......... Do not give in....... Lol. That's what they want.
  3. Get the BBB involved as soon as you can. It was the only thing that got their attention. File a claim tonight. GM denied my buyback 2 times and I just kept pissing them off daily. I'd sit in the dealership and refused to leave until I told everyone in there that this issue was being swept under the rug. Selling these trucks knowing the issues then lying to people about it not being an issue. I watched it. "Mine was the only one doing it" and 'It's normal" Can't have both.
  4. GM sucks! They just wait and play games hoping that you’ll get impatient enough to settle for whatever bread crumb they give you.
  5. I have the SU5 on my 2020 and it’s making the same sound. Was told there was no fix. Beyond ridiculous and embarrassing for GM.
  6. I have the SU5 in my 2020 RST and the chirping started at 15,000 miles.
  7. Well my new 2020 started making the noise at the 14,000 mark. Has been good until today. GM is a joke. It’s been over a year with no fix for it. Beyond ridiculous.
  8. My truck was in the shop 63 days out of the first 4 months. I took 8 days off of work to have the differential replaced and the transmission issue looked at. After being denied a buy-back, I filed a claim with the BBB and it helped greatly. The truck had to be in the shop for 30 days for one issue to qualify for the lemon law in KY. I'd be more than happy to have anyone that is going through this to call me and I'll help as much as I can. There are several option on replacement vehicles that they won't tell you about. GM is a terrible company and what i went through to get a new truck was a nightmare.
  9. That’s it! Brings back horrible memories. Good luck. GM couldn’t care less about their customers.
  10. I had the differential replaced twice and “worked on” two other occasions. It will not help. It’s embarrassing for them to be so clueless.
  11. I had the 2019 RST and it was full of issues. The replacement 2020 has zero issue. I can't say for sure about the differential sound because the temperature hasn't reached a high enough mark to make the sound yet. I'll know more late spring or summer. I have always loved Chevrolet and their trucks. This is my 6th and my last.
  12. I’ve had 3 differentials and they all are defective. I told them this 4 months ago.
  13. I replied earlier but somehow didn't upload. I'm still in the process of the buyback. With each case worker I speak with the details change. One hoop after another to jump through.
  14. I’ve had so many issues with my 2019 RST and still have them. The differential has been replaced twice and it still chirps at higher speeds but isn’t so bad the slower ya go. The transmission has all but been replaced and it still slams into gear like someone rear ended me. Last week I went to the lake and was pulling my bass boat up a pretty big hill and the truck shook and vibrated like it was gonna explode. Worst purchase I’ve ever made. Hope it’s just a lemon and I got unlucky. Still working on a replacement truck. The process of that alone is an extremely agonizing one. Hope to see a fix soon.
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