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  1. Dealer had mine last week, and thought they had identified the issue causing the pop. They had me come in Friday after work and drive around for a bit to make sure what I was hearing was the same as what they are hearing. It was. Took it back Monday morning because I needed it over the weekend. They called today to tell me they found the issue. It is the spoiler causing the pop. The service advisor said that the spoiler is two parts that are plastic welded together (his term). At two spots, on mine the welds have broken He says because of this technique to put the two parts together, they can't fix it because they don't have the equipment to do it. They were going to try epoxy, but decided against it. They checked the system to get a new spoiler, which will have to be painted. When they checked, it showed none available nationally. Then they do something else for a special order request. Right now they are waiting to see how long it will take to get the part to replace it. He said they should have a better idea tomorrow.
  2. Has anyone had the dealer see if they can fix this issue? My AT4 is at the dealer right now for the pop.
  3. Has anyone installed a Lund Bed Extender on an 2019 AT4 or Denali? If so, could you post a pic?
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