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  1. Hey guys. Thought id put this up and give a huge thanks to pgamboa. Got the console and leather seats installed. 2018 gmc sierra rclb 2wd. Used pgamboa harnesses. Amazing work couldnt be happier. Would recomend to anybody very helpful. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Hey guys. I have a 2018 sierra with the 7"screen. Has bluetooth and back up camera. Got no sticker in the glove box to verify radio type. But i got an 8" screen and hmi as well the cd player and power box behind radio screen. Came out of a 2017 ltz at the wrecking yard. I want to add this to my truck. When i pulled the factoey radio out to do the swap i found the harnesses are tottaly different. Is there another harness i need to buy? Also with the fact that the radio stuff is from a chevy.... will that make any difference in the gmc? Any help would be great thanks
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