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  1. Probably will be to big for my tase. , Looks like the might be able to make a Custom model in the future. That's why Its in 3 pieces I figure
  2. Did this work for you ? Did you have to buy other parts as well?
  3. You have to remove the A pillars first before you can pry up the dash speaker covers.
  4. Well I ordered my Kit off eBay from the Link provided by a member on this thread. Installation was a breeze and took all of about an hour or so to do. Now I Have the Aux buttons I needed. Thanks for all your help.
  5. Thanks Josh for the reply. I want to do it. I cant find one thou. you were lucky !
  6. Looks great. Do you mind telling what you paid for console ?
  7. It makes a difference if your gonna Amplify the truck with aftermarket amps. If you gonna still use the Bose System, I wouldn't bother. The bose system speakers are a different impedance, 2 Ohm if i Remember.This is one of those projects that can get Pricey.
  8. Sorry, They Are 6x9 I Just threw them in the garbage. I installed 6.5 " Instead.
  9. Yes they are 6.5" speakers. You will still need speaker adapters to install them
  10. I completely agree with your comment. I was able to get the best Sound I ever had in all of vehicles. I love the way the Jl audio Fix gave me options and EQ settings as well as Fiber optic sound to My Jl audio Vi amps.
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