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  1. Thanks for posting pics. I am in need of that female plug to hardwire my Custom model. If you do not need it cause your LT has it. I sure would like to purchase it from you. Thanks.
  2. I installed the full console In mine and ordered the the usb extension and USB port that has the pass thru. It did not work on mine. I also purchased the inner console harness that has the charging pad. I have a Custom and do not have the power harness under the seat. I suspect that the inner console USB port is not getting any power. I am gonna hard wire it as soon as I get a chance. Hopefully it will work then. I also have an extra trim piece of yours is on backorder and need it. I Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. there are 2 L shaped plastic covers that pop off.Tthen use a T15 torx driver and remove 2 T15 screws that are about 3 inches deep. Once you remove them you can pull off and unsnap.
  4. I was gonna say it works and looks better then mine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Which mount is that you used on your camera ? looks like a new Blendmount type
  6. Has anyone had success in getting full console wired up in a custom model? The custom model doesn't have the plug under the seat like LT models.
  7. The pins are As follow Nexus Electronics Part # 7116-4618-02 and 7116-4618-08 One is for JST connectors and the other is for TYCo/Delphi connectors
  8. You can set the shock sensor as sensitive as you want. I only have the tilt sensor set on my truck. The shock is all the way down. I live in Florida and the thunder always goes off.
  9. Great looking grill super clean. Great light output too. Congrats
  10. Yes sir, if you still want to go that route
  11. I have had a aftermarket DS4 Viper alarm installed in my car. I Have all of the bells and whistles installed. It has there Smart start module which works wit gps tracking and the Viper App. I also have the 2 way remote which tells me the cars status. I live in a town house and dont have direct line of sight of my truck. Its piece of mind to have it. I also installed there Bluetooth siren which has shock and tilt built into it. Did not even have to run wires outside. I did not even loose any features that you wrote about.
  12. The Fix is only to correct the signals from and provide a flat baseline to then use whatever method you gonna go. Its the best option out there for Non bose units.
  13. I did the fix 82 in my Custom. I used it instead of of the 86 due to the fact that I dont care about fading. I also used the VXi amps and can control all my settings via bluetooth and ipad. No need to remove seats or panels to make an adjustments. Its the best sound I have ever had.
  14. Probably will be to big for my tase. , Looks like the might be able to make a Custom model in the future. That's why Its in 3 pieces I figure
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