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  1. 3.0 is not an option for both custom and LT trail boss trims unfortunately.
  2. Sounds like a good deal but I searched the inventory on the website and apparently there are 0 crew cab standard bed trucks with the Diesel off road package available right now (within 2000 miles) so it's out for me but It seems like people are easily towing their rigs that are near the top of the Diesel half ton weight range and it sounds like the engine handles it all fine so I would say that you don't "need" it.
  3. My bad. Didn't mean to make it look like I was blaming the failure on DOD and I'm not really a hater, just a personal preference type of thing I guess. Shouldn't have mentioned it.
  4. It never caused me issues either but a few reason I can think of. I've read a few issues with the collapsible lifters failing. Also, if your digging into the motor to upgrade the parts, might as well go to an upgraded camshaft and most of the popular MFG's cams are DOD delete. But shoot my truck made it over 100,00 with it enabled so who really knows. To each their own.
  5. Looking at these engines and these posts, if someone has one of these with higher miles (over 130k or so) and they like the truck, they should seriously consider doing a rebuild with DOD delete and some upgrades parts. I think the engine has potential to be really solid with some work. It wouldn't be cheap but still cheaper than a new truck. I really like mine and haven't had any of these issues but the more I read this, the more I wanna just get the heads, lifters rockers, pushrods, valve springs, cam, DOD delete, etc done and drive it for another 100,000 (and take the power upgrade as a bonus). For now if this happens to me, my warranty will cover it but it would be annoying.
  6. Flex tape can't fix that... Seriously though I can't wait for mine to get out of extended warranty so I can dig in and upgrade the parts. Mines got 114,000 on it and with these posts it feels like a ticking time bomb. How many miles on yours? Stock? AFM still active?
  7. Ok I understand now. Good deal I was thinking I would only be able to go stage 1 at the max. No wonder why most YouTube vids show folks with Stage 2 cams.
  8. Cool stuff. Exactly what I want to do to mine when my extended warranty is up. I thought I read on the TSP site that your shouldn't go above their SV cam with stock converter but nice to see you have no problems. Do you have a dyno sheet you can post? I'm curious to see the torque curve. Could you also PM me the cost as well if you don't mind? Thanks
  9. Didn't they have to change the back of the engine to accommodate the new 10 speed transmission? Doesn't seem like enough to create a knock like that but that is one major thing they changed.
  10. Mine does it and it has 110,000 miles. Nothing to worry about. It is a little annoying but I've got used to it.
  11. Bought my 2015 6.2 8 speed Feb. 2019 with 95,000. Now have 110,000 and change on it. Airaid MIT just installed otherwise stock. No big issues. Not really any little issues either. Tune and e85 coming soon.
  12. Hey all quick question. I just picked up a set of GM running boards from a local guy. I have a 2015 Silverado LTZ he has a 2016 LTZ both crew cabs (he didn't like the running boards). Part numbers are 22912947 and 22912948. The issue is that The bolts that he gave me do not thread into the welded nut and the horizontal threaded hole for the front two mounting locations, the bolts are too big. I thought these were universal? Did something change between '15 and '16? I just need to know what size bolts I need so I can go to the hardware store and get some. Thanks for the help.
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