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  1. My 2019 Chevy Silverado bed is sticking out 1/4” on the drivers side and in about 1” on the passenger side in relation to the back of the cab. I took it back to the dealership and was immediately told there is nothing they can do about it do to the alignment pins and they will not change engineering. We went out and looked at several on the lot, some were in alignment and most were not. I called GM and was told the same thing, nothing they can do about it, and basically engineering is not going to do anything either. I have been a Chevy man all my life but they have compromised quality. I have noticed other nuisance problems like rattles and poorly installed items. I’m very disappointed with GM and have a case on file to replace the truck with a new one that is correctly aligned. I seriously doubt this issue will be resolved and I the consumer loses to the large corporation once again.
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